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Liam, Isabella and friends think they did their worst but they don know that you don mess with Sophia Ellison the queen of revenge am going to make them cry for me and Liam is my first target.

I have been doing some research on Liam and he seem to have a dirty record and in few days time his father will be handing over his business and everything to him due to the fact that he is the only son so this plan of mine will be great and it also happens to be that Liam has been cheating on nana as he has been sleeping around with Isabella


Its all over school board Liam after party everybody has been planning good for this party and everybody has to come with their plus 1 I decided to invite Ralph if he will love to come.

After school I came out and set out immediately for Ralph house well that has been my life for the past Two months now to avoid arguing with cruella or mum. I went to Ralph house and his mum informed me that he is in his room the maiden told me to enter he was busy doing his tech stuff am not a tech type of person so I just sat there waiting for him to notice me he finally notice that I have been waiting for him

Sophie sorry for keeping you waiting I was trying to put things together for the robot competition.

ooh ok maybe I should just go so I don distract you I stood up to leave

he held me back saying no

so whats brings this beauty to my layer today

I smiled

since have known Ralph he has always been this flirting type of person and also playful he loves to crack jokes but he has his serious moment he is smart and sweet.

there is a after party happening and I want you to be my date

so my Mai lady you want to rent me as your boyfriend for the occasion

I laughed out loud Ralph be serious for once how can I rent you

he also laugh then his facial expression change as he put on a serious face

so how do you want me be to act

well I smiled I want you to act like my boyfriend

ooh I see so you want to use me to make your ex jealous he smirk

ooh Ralph hitting him be serious for once I want us to look like the best couple

why don we play a game Sophie

Ralph I don feel like playing videogames

its not video game, the game is that we get to pick each other outfit for the occasion

I smiled ok thats not a problem just send me your size of everything and I will get that ready I said and left

On my way out I saw Mrs Bronte the same position I saw her about thirty minutes ago I came towards her she didn even notice my presence still I called her name.

she raised her head up in shock

Mrs Bronte are you ok? I asked

sweet heart I am, am just finding it hard to find a prefect finishing for this book she gave it to me if you don mind, dear can you write it and see if you have idea on a prefect ending I sat down near her and started reading when i was done we started discussing on what could be the end of the book after some hours we decided on something and I left for home.


I got home and saw cruella clearing the dishes from the dinner so I knew dad and mum had observe dinner I ask cruella for my meal and shouted at me for not being around during dinner

cruella I wasn around its not your business now get me my dinner

no food madam, now go to bed

do I look twelve in your eyes I asked her and she walked out

I went to meet mum upstairs and told her what happened she sent for cruella as usual cruella turned the story around and said I refuse to eat the food. my typical mum believed her and told me to go eat my meal and stop lying against cruella because I don like her.at this moment I wished I really lied because it is very painful.


The next day I went to meet the unknown man that was going to give me all Liam transaction details to the drug dealer I was every much surprised that Liam the Liam I use to love, do drug so he was the one that spike my drink. I met the man collected the details Liam has been paying huge account of money to a particular drug dealer by lord Zilla for over two month now I was able to get the video tip of before the party when Liam collected the drugs for the man but the one of Liam putting in my drink was already destroy my Liam crew.

Two more days to the party and Liam will go down. oh my gosh, I haven bought Ralphs outfit I knew nothing about mens wears so I ask uncle joffie to help me out with it.he told me that the most comfortable male shoe is being produced by Madden so we went into a Madden store and got a pair of black shoe Ralphs size we needed to buy a suit, wristwatch,chins, we went for Calvin Klein wristwatch for the chin mum sent the chin for me from her Ellison collection what was remaining was to find the prefect suit we went into different store but none suit my taste I received a phone call from Mrs Bronte

hello sweetheart

good afternoon ma

well I called to ask you whats your favorite colour is

I smiled I knew it Ralph was asking his mum for help for the shopping

Mrs Bronte are you helping Ralph with the shopping she was about to say yes I could hear Ralph telling her to say no

no dear but what your favorite colour

blue ma

thanks love she ended the call I looked up the shopping mall and saw a blue tuxedo suits on a mannequin showcase

I tapped joffie who seem tried of looking for suit and showed him that one on the last floor

wow at least we have seen something your taste this is a relief he said as we entered the elevator leading to the last floor it looks like a man was about to buy it, has they were undressing the mannequin I ran and shouted I will pay double for this suit the man buying it shouted you can buy that am already buying it.the seller said well sir you haven paid so I will give her

the man shouted I will pay triple her amount

ok I know what to do the seller said the first to reach the first floor and pays first without using the elevator get the suit

I thought this is the time for me to activate my running skills we started race .The man was running but me being young I was able to run faster and after so many minutes had past we made it to the first floor I ran and throwing my wallet at the casher points and said Im paying the blue tuxedos upstairs I collected the receipt using the elevator to the last floor i got there give the seller the receipts with joy in my heart I carried the blue tuxedo home I thought Ralph needs to suffer this to Im sure hes enjoying the shopping because hes going out with his mum.this game wasn fair I smiled and entered the car home.

I got to my room and laid down on my bed enjoying the cool breeze thinking when am done with Liam ,Isabella is next no one hurt me and go free.


The Dee day I have been waiting for has reach Liam downfall I dressed up for school every one in the school were on a luxurious hairstyles accept from me I was the only one still carrying hairstyles for the week. that wasn what I was excited for because my hair could be done at anytime. I went to class I guess this party is really going to be big because even teachers seem prepared

class was going on when my class teacher notice that am the only one without a defined hairstyle she called out to me


I replied ma

why haven you made your hair or you aren coming for Liam after party

I smiled as I could see the rest of the class laughing

ma I didn want to break the rule of the school that state no other hairstyle than what ask to braid

ok if you say so Sophia.


After school I came home and meet mum in the sitting room watching a movie I came it and greeted her

go and changed we need to go make our hair she said to me

our hair I don understand mum I replied

Sophia we are going together to made our hair for Liam party

so you were invited.

yes mum replied feeling one sense of entitlement saying every wealthy person in the country is going to be there.

ok I said and heading for my room.

I came down back dressed in a black top and black short mum looked at me with disapproval but didn say anything we entered her car and got to the beauty saloon it seemed occupied as everybody was getting ready for liam party I was so happy inside so the whole world will know what type of person Liam is.

we got to our personal lounge and they started their work from spa treatments to pedicure and Medicare then painting of the nails and hairdressing. when they were done I couldn believe it was me in the mirror by then I was already evening about thirty minutes to the party we got home and mum went to get dressed I called Ralph but his line wasn going I started to panic mum is going to kill me if she finds out that my dress hasn arrived at this moment I heard a knock at the door it was the delivery man with my dress I carried it and ran to my room I opened the package and saw a beautiful blue Cinderella dress covered with stone. it was exactly the same dress the lady in "Marry me" was wearing. it was stoned with diamonds making the dress to shine like light I picked up the note from Ralph.


I know you loved this dress ever since you watch that show "marry me" so I decided to get it for you but in your favorite colour.

the only thing I didn get was the vein I know you don need that because you aren getting married less I forget I love the suit you sent.

love Ralph

I carried the letter and kept it under my pillow and wore the dress the accessories were sliver with shoe

I guess I underestimated Ralph after all the makeup artist came in a few minutes and started the makeup when I was done I came downstairs mum saw me and this was the first time she complimented my look I was so happy I think I should just let Ralph to be picking my outfit. we enter the car and meet dad inside he was also dressed fancy I carried my evidence with me in a black school bag mom asked Sophia what are you doing with that bag

ooh this, its is for somebody Im going to give it to the person in the place

okay she just said.

I came down from the car and saw Ralph. the Blue tuxedo suit really look good on him he stretch out his hand and I place mine on top as we walked into the occasion everybodys eyes were on us Ralph whispered to me it looks like your grown has invited eyes on your body I just smiled he wasn lying the grown was indeed shinning like a well powered bub.we went in and grabbed a sit as I looked around for my people were in position for the plan I felt so much joy in my heart the event started and they started listing all the things that will belong to Liam from this day forward

they were asked to play the late grandfather voice note

when the voice note of Liam to the drug dealer started planning they tryed to off it but it didn stop after that its showed when Liam collected the bundle of drugs in school premises a student shouted that means Liam was the one that drugged Sophia the last surprise played Liam and Isabella sex tape everybody started shouting noel left the venue with Isabella chasing after him Nana ran inside the house and Liam ran after her then the people on the VIP started shouting at Liam father

so Mr Jones this is the son of yours you said is responsible enough to take over the business.

Mr Jones was dumbstruck

my dad took it as an opportunity for him to redeem me on the eyes of VIP he climbed up and called me I came and he said well people of this great town can see that liam was the one that drugged my daughter so I am standing here to say that I am proud of my only child, my only legacy and I don care what you people think about her for she is next in line for the Ellison companies

I was surprised when I saw people clapping then dad helped me down the stage

wow what a wonderful evening i thought the after party didn take place as the Jones told everyone to go home.

I decided to go with Ralph I didn want to be bored off in the car with my parents I entered Ralph car on our way home he asked the driver to drop us at the lake side.

Ralph what are we doing here it late he didn answer me he just said come down gave me that evil smirk

I came down and he told the driver to go home leaving the two of here

the driver asked again to be sure but he said yes I wanted to talked but he covered my month

sir should I come back later to pick you he replied him no and the driver started going that when he removed his hand from my month

Ralph how are we going to get home

Sophia stop being a child our house is just 25 miles from here he said I kept quiet because I didn feel like arguing with him he carried me and made me sit down on the floor between his legs as he cuddle me

Ralph what wrong with you today

I smiled and he said nothing

but Sophia I want to ask you a question

was Liam your ex?

I said yes.

what was the most romantic thing he had ever done for you

I said the day he ask me out I could remember how happy I felt that day I explained in detail for Ralph and the only he did was to smile when I was done he asked again another time?

then I remember the day I was sick in school and he was feeding me from his mouth.

he smiled again and said Sophia I know you were the one that planned everything that happened today

what do you mean Ralph trying to fake innocent

Sophia I saw you when you gave the man wearing black the school bag you were carrying and after that everything happened but why? is what I do not understand Sophia please explain

I couldn hide anymore so I came clean yes I was the one that planned the occasion saying it with full confident and the reason why I did that is because they betray me and am just starting they are many to go. Ralph seemed surprised by my response then his face change he hugged me tighter and said then I am by your side if you need any help. I smiled and he kissed my face as we stared at the stars.

they are beautiful I said

just like you he replied.

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