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Chapter 29: High Expectations

The following day, Ariella prepared enthusiastically to go out with Leon. She couldnt wait to see the new establishment Leon had acquired in her name.

Ella had previously made plans to acquire a store that is close to the F&K fashion brand. Her intended to actively compete with them. She also planned on recruiting any of her trusted former colleagues who were willing to leave the F&K fashion brand and join her.

Forty-five minutes later, Leon and Ella drove into a car park.

“What are we doing here” Ellas face was flushed, as she remembered the incident that took place in the car park.

Leon snickered at her reaction. “We came to check out your new company.”

“But...but this car park belongs to Bliss Lounge. The F&K fashion brand has an understanding with them to use a part of it on a rental basis,” Ella looked questioningly at him.

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“Isnt this romantic This is where we first met, right at that spot,” Leons lower lips curved as he gestured towards the place where he had almost run Ella over, on their first encounter.


Ella covered her face in embarrassment. “I wish I could go back in time and correct that first impression.” She said in a hushed voice. “Anytime I think about that day, it makes me feel like a horrible person.”

“You dont have to feel that way,” Leon pulled her hands from her face and stared affectionately into her eyes. “If I am to be sincere with you, your attitude that morning got me attracted to you.”

Ella smiled and looked down without saying anything.

“So, for the big surprise,” Leon lifted her chin with one hand, “Bliss Lounge and this car park belong to you.


“Are you for real!...” Ellas eyes shimmered with excitement.

She quickly alighted and ran over to Leons side of the car. She opened his door, and when he stepped out, she jumped into his arms, almost causing him to lose his balance.

“Oh Leon!...”

“Oh my goodness!” Tears of joy flooded her eyes. She held Leons face and kissed him on his cheeks and lips tenderly. She hugged him again and kissed him more.

Leon wished they were back at the villa, as he wanted to respond to her kisses badly. He was turned on by her excitement.

“Ella, we are in public, we could continue this back at home,” he smiled slyly. “We are already creating a scene.”

“Really! Ella turned around and noticed some pairs of eyes gawking at them. “Oops! I am sorry. I guess I got carried away in the euphoria,” she giggled. “Since I cant show my gratitude by repaying you, I promise you a delicious homemade recipe for dinner and a massage.” Ella whispered into his ears and pulled away from his arms.

“Hmm...” Leons eyes beamed with longing. “I cant wait. Lets go inside and check whats happening. Some groups of architectural designers are already stationed and awaiting you to discuss your desired remodeling.

“Wow!” Ella smiled.

Leon led her in his arms, into the classy and massive Bliss lounge. After he had handed over to Ariella, the necessary documents to the lounge, he left her in the watchful care of two hefty bodyguards.

An overly thrilled Ariella quickly invited Denise over.

They came up with different amazing ideas for remolding the lounge to fit into the perfect image of Ariellas dream brand. When Ariella was done listening and giving instructions to the architectural designers and other workers around, she left with Denise to a nearby restaurant for a short break.

“Ella, I cant believe you are now the owner of the magnificent Bliss Lounge,” Denise whispered excitedly.

“Me neither,” Ella giggled.

“When do you intend to show off and rub it in the faces of Frost and Kyle”

“Well,” I have been thinking about that.” Ellas eyes glinted, with mischief written all over her face. “Ill wait patiently until my brand name replaces Bliss Lounge before doing anything. Kyle would want to renegotiate a new rental agreement with the new CEO, only to realize that I am the CEO.

“Wow!” Denise grinned, “that would be awesome. I cant wait to see Kyles face when he seat in your lavishly decorated office and discovered that you are the owner of the newly acquired property and fashion brand.”

“Me too,” Ella chuckled.

“Denise, you are my best friend and I dont know where I would have been if you were not by my side to support me,” Ella squeezed one of Denises hands, smiling. “It would be my honor, for you to work by my side as my second in command.”

Denise got emotional at this. She moved closer to Ella, hugged her, and thanked her.

Ella also revealed to Denise, everything she knew about Chloe. She told Denise of her plan to deal with Chloe and Silvia gradually for all the pain and humiliation they had caused her.

“I will stand by you, all the way. I cant wait for us to teach that spoilt brat some manners.” Denises brows knitted at the thought of Chloe.


Leon returned home later that evening with high expectations. He had been looking forward all day to Ellas promises of a homemade dinner and a massage.

He entered the villa and went straight to his room for a quick shower before coming down to the dining room.

When he entered the dining room, Ella walked up to him, hugged him, and kissed him briefly. After that, they both sat down to a mouth-watering dinner of crispy chicken with white wine pan sauce.

“I love this Ella, you are such an amazing cook.” Leon was astonished by the sensation he derived from eating the unique spicy dish before him. “You know, I could get used to this.”

“Thank you,” Ella smiled, its one of my mums favorite recipes.

“You are such an amazing lady with multiple talents, which makes me wonder why you are not in a relationship.” Leons eyes glinted with a hint of curiosity.

“Well, lets just say I am in a relationship with my ambition and career.” Ella gave a smug smile.

“Are you trying to say you have never dated anyone special,” Leon continued to gaze with probing intensity into her eyes.

“I was in a relationship with my ex-boyfriend for two years. But, our career paths were different, so we moved our separate ways.” Ella bit her lower lips as she felt a bit uncomfortable talking about Richard.

“I dont think your ex loved you, that shouldnt be enough reason to quit a relationship that long.”

Ella chuckled. “You have no idea who Richard really was. He practically worshipped me and I loved him in return. I was the one who ended the relationship when I chose my career over our love.”

A frown crossed Ellas face and quickly disappeared. “My parents, especially my mum loved him so much. My mum had high hopes that we would both get married after college. But here I am today all by myself, chasing my dreams.” Ella lazily played with her meal as a thread of disappointment crossed her face.

“One thing is certain,” Leon pointed out, “that ex-boyfriend of yours must be the biggest fool to have let you go so easily. He should have supported your dreams if he really cared that much. You are a total package; beautiful, smart, ambitious, hard-working and you have an incredible sense of humor.” Leon tried reassuring her.

“Oh please, stop with the flattering,” Ella half smiled.

“Flattering” Leons brows furrowed. “I dont flatter. I say it the way I see it. You are an amazing lady. Even my dad saw it in you.”

“Okay, that is enough compliments. I am practically blushing from cheek to cheek,” Ella grinned.

“Ella,” Leon stared intently into her eyes. “I want to ask you one last personal question and please, answer me truthfully. If Richard came back to you today pleading and wants a second chance with you, would you accept him”

Ella stared into Leons eyes unsure of what to say. Deep within, she still had feelings for Richard but something else was different about her. She felt drawn to Leon.

Most of the time, she couldnt stop herself from thinking about Leon even when she tried hard not to.

She had to keep reminding herself that they were only in a contract marriage and after six months, it would all be over.

“I...Im not sure of what to say. Its been such a long time.” Ella tried to smile.

Leon dreaded that thought like a terrifying natural hazard. He hoped that day would never come when she would have to consider going back to Richard.

After dinner and relaxation for a while, Leon led Ella to his inner pool house for the massage. He gave her some almond oil, geranium, and lavender essential oil.

“One down, two to go,” Leon seductively whispered into her ears.

His breath fanned against Ellas ear causing her body to twitch slightly.

He took off his tee shirt leaving only his shorts. Then he lay face down on the flat pool bed.

“Whenever youre ready, my whole body is yours,” Leon turned his head sideways to look at Ella.

Ella blushed and took a deep breath before moving over to start the massaging.

“Relax!” She said in a soft voice.

Applying little oil on her hands, she started slowly, with a soft rhythmic stroke.

Using the tip of her fingers, she applied little pressure, tracing slow circular patterns up and down the side of his spine. This made Leon moan slightly.

She further moved from the muscles around the spine to the shoulders, in between the shoulder blades, and up to the back of the neck.

Leon bit down his lips to stifle his husky moans when Ella applied more pressure. She stroked up and down his back, kneading and gliding with her fingers and hands.

After Ella finished massaging his back, she asked him to turn around and face up, so she could conclude her massage therapy.

Leon did as instructed with a devilish smirk. When he switched position, he was stunned to see Ella frozen on a spot. He followed her bewildered stares to his hardened bulge.



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