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Chapter 28: A Waltz In The Night

Ivory was overjoyed to finally talk to Ariella alone. She didnt hold back any information about Chloe and her familys interest in Leon. She even went as far as showing Ariella Chloes picture.

“That is Chloe!” Ella asked in an alarmed tone.

“Yes!” Ivory smiled satisfactorily like she had won a lottery. “This is Chloe. I took this picture the day mum invited her over for dinner, and a chance to introduce her to Leon.”

“Why Do you know her in person” Ivory raised an eyebrow due to Ellas expression.

“Yes, I know her a little. We had bitter encounters,” Ellas forehead creased.

“Do tell, p... please,” Ivory gave Ella the puppy eyes.

Ella told Ivory about her first encounter with Chloe in Silvias office and how Chloe had insulted and looked down on her. She spoke about the second encounter at the fashion show and summarise how it cost her, her job.


Ivory stared on in bewilderment. She felt very sorry for Ella and all she had passed through because of Chloe.

Ivory had felt suspicious about Chloes behavior the first time they met. For some reasons unknown, she didnt warm up to Chloe. She suspected that there was a dark side to this pretty girl. When Leon; who was always sweet to pretty ladies, showed no interest in Chloe, Ivorys suspicion doubled.

Currently, all Ivory felt for Chloe was disgust. Especially after Chloes mum spoke to her mother accusing Ariella of being a sl*t. It was obvious, that they had other hidden agendas.

Ivory requested Ellas mobile phone and inputted her number on it. She dialed and saved Ellas number on her phone.

“Ella,” Ivory held unto Ellas two hands.” Dont you worry yourself, Ive got your back. You have my unconditional love and support. I will always defend your interest in this family for as long as you remain my brothers wife. Just promise me that you would never leave him.” Ivorys eyes shone with care and determination.

Ella half smiled in response. She couldnt make any promises when she knew the marriage was only for six months.

“Also, dont worry about my mum and sister. With time, they will get to know you and love you just the way I do,” Ivory hugged Ella.

Ella smiled and allowed the tears that had been burning in her eyes to flow freely.

“Thank you so much, Ivory,” Ella whispered in a sweet and soft voice. “I am so lucky to have you as a sister-in-law.”

“Not just sister-in-law, we are officially best friends and sisters,” Ivory whispered back.

Back In the garden, Marissa broke down in tears while Yvonne comforted her.

“Leon,” Marissa said in between sobs. “Not only did you bring a stranger into my garden, but you also stood and watched your younger sister insult me. Have I become a joke to you What about all those promises you made to me years ago You promised you would never allow anything or anyone upset me,” Marissa looked into her sons dark and terrifying eyes.

“Leon, I know I can be pushy sometimes,” Yvonne tried to sound calm and friendly. “You cant let one girl come in between this loving family.”

“You should learn to stick your nose in your own business,” Leon shot back at Yvonne.

“Dont you have a husband and a child to take care of” Leon took a step closer scowling defiantly at his sister. What are you doing in this house talking to me in that manner.”

Yvonne was so terrified that she froze and said nothing. She had once witnessed Leons temper outburst and it had left an indelible scar in her memory.

Once, when they were teenagers, Yvonnes first boyfriend had jilted her and left her for another girl. She remembered crying home and informing her younger brother. Leon flared up. After chastising her, he went out that very moment.

He tracked down her ex-boyfriend and his new lover. With the help of some friends, they kidnap the two lovebirds to an unknown location. The girl was tortured slightly and released. But for her ex, his two legs and spine were badly hurt after several brutalities.

Ever since then, her ex had remained incapacitated, only moving around with the aid of a wheelchair.

Her ex refused to confess what happened to him to date. While the girlfriend and her family fled the city and were never heard from again.

Yvonne had always known that Leon and his evil friends were responsible for her exs predicament but she had no proof. Hence the matter was left unresolved.

“Yvonne, can you please excuse your brother and me to talk alone for a while” Marissa looked up at her daughter pleadingly.

“Okay mum,” she regained her voice.

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“Leon, this is my parents home. Hence, it is also my home,” Yvonne scoffed. “You have no right to talk to me in that manner. I am still your elder sister and I do have a say in your welfare,” she rolled her eyes and left.

“Leon, walk with me,” Marissa instructed and walked towards the seating section of the garden.

Leon breathed in deeply to calm his strained nerves. He followed behind his mum and took a seat beside her.

Marissa noticed her crying and scolding were having zero effect on Leon. Therefore, she adopted a different approach.

“My son, I will never forgive myself, if I see you taking the wrong path and say or do nothing,” Marissa tried reasoning with him in a calmer voice.

“That girl cannot and will not be your wife in this life or the next,” Marissa stressed in a very firm voice.

“Mum,” Leon half smiled, and took his mothers hands tenderly, “you know that I love and cherish you so much. Unfortunately, you dont approve of the girl I am still going to marry in less than two weeks.”

Marissa pulled her hands free from Leon and stood up. Her face reddened with fury. “I can see there is no sense in reasoning with you. Dont blame me for my next actions,” she started to walk away from Leon but froze at Leons last statement.

“We will be having a court wedding in Amzone, with just two witnesses in attendance. Dont bother coming around because you are not invited.” Leon walked up to her, kissed her on the cheeks, and left the garden.

Leon drove back to the city silently, with Ella seated by his side. Ever since they left the mansion together they didnt say anything to each other as Leons mood was still foul.

Ariella had so many questions to ask Leon but she was worried it would aggravate his mood. She thought of ways to distract him and decided to tell some funny jokes.

“Leon,” Ariella smiled, “do you know how the sea or ocean says hi”

Leon shook his head, showing little interest.

“Well, it, waves.”

Leon half smiled but his gaze remained on the journey ahead.

“Do you know why the student ate his homework” Ariella placed her hand gently on his thigh.

“Why” Leon asked holding her hand tightly.

Ella felt electrified and smiled, “because his teacher called the homework, a piece of cake.”

Leon laughed gently. He lifted Ariellas hand and planted a kiss on it.

“Thanks for trying to cheer me up. Ask for any favors in return,” Leon said still holding her hands as his expressions softened.

“Can we both have ice cream together before we get back to the villa” Her eyes sparkled under the brightness of the full moon.

Leon was thrilled by her request. He had expected her to ask him something relating to the incident at the mansion or something she would profit from.

“Ice cream Are you sure about your request Remember I said anything and I mean anything.” He looked briefly into her eyes.

“Yes, I just want to take some ice cream with you. I know a place where we can eat our ice cream in peace.”

“Hmm... Okay, if that is your final decision.”

When they arrived in the city, they briefly stopped by an ice cream parlor. Leon led her inside like a gentleman to the admiration of some ice cream customers, some of who took pictures of the beautiful couple.

Ella requested a sprinkled strawberry and vanilla Froyo, while Leon selected a vanilla and chocolate Froyo flavor.

When they left the ice cream parlor, Ella directed Leon to the outskirts of the city. They arrived at their destination, walked up, and then sat down on a concrete bench, on an elevated platform. From their seating position, they could view the beautiful nightlife of the Amzone city skyline.

They ate their ice cream and chatted freely about the beautiful scenery they were observing.

Leon had never felt this peaceful for a long time and he enjoyed every bit of the moment they shared together.

When they were done eating their ice cream, Ella pulled Leon to his feet and begged him to dance with her. At first, he was reluctant to dance but after a few persuasion from Ella, they started waltzing around to and fro, and around the bench. They both danced, giggled, and laughed out loud in some cases.

Ellas heart raced with a thousand emotions and she prayed the night will never end until Leon stopped dancing at some point and passionately kissed her.

They finally walked back to the car and drove back to the villa.

When Ella and Leon had showered and changed to their sleeping wears, they sat down by the terrace and discussed for a while.

“Leon, Ivory told me all about Chloe and her familys intention,” Ella carefully observed his reaction. She had no plans of ruining the night for him.

“Now, I am sixty percent certain she is behind that letter.”

“She is, but I have dealt with that issue. Going forward, you would have your personal bodyguards.”

“But...” Ella frowned slightly but was cut off.

“No, but,” Leon looked at her intently. “This issue will not be deliberated.”

“Also, I dont want you to have anything, I repeat, anything to do with any members of my family.”

“We will get married as scheduled but before then I will be taking you tomorrow morning, to an establishment I have bought over in your name.”

“Really!” Ellas eyes shone in excitement.

“Yes, and guest what” Leon grinned mischievously.

“What” Ella held her breath.

“It is a stones throw from your former company.”





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