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Chapter 26: A Tip Of The Iceberg

Chloes mouth felt dry, and her face was white as a sheet. She wished the ground would open up and swallow her whole. She wanted to scream but seemed to have lost her voice.

She had come here looking so radiant and expectant but now, all she wanted to do was run away in shame. For some reason, her legs had completely glued themselves to the ground like they had a mind of their own.

Inside her being kept screaming for her dad and mum to save her. If only parents could hear the desperate pleas of their children before something bad happened to them, she thought, there wouldnt be a need to solve a crime.

How had Leon discovered her, she questioned her frantic mind as she stared widely at the pictures on the table. She tried to act indifferent to the pictures but it was too late as even a blind man could see the guilt in her eyes and expression.

She swallowed hard but instead of saliva, she felt needles jabbing down her throat.

“Chloe, maintain you are innocent, turn the table around,” a voice whispered to her. Suddenly, an idea hit her.

“Where did you get that picture” She faked a crying scene. “That was the same man that harassed and threatened my life some few days back. We have been searching for him for some days now.”


Leon gritted his teeth and replied in a cold voice, “How would you like to be the guest of honor at seeing him meet his fatal end”

“No!...no...there is no need for that, I forgive him,” Chloe shut her eyes in terror.

Looking at Gabs battered face in one of the pictures, compared to his cheerful and smiling face in the other was enough torment already.

“Leon,” she opened her eyes and looked at him pleadingly, “please, can I use the convenience”

“Sure,” he said between gritted teeth, “after you answer one last question”

“Why do intend to hurt the girl I want to marry”


Chloe felt a heavy blow to her heart. She clenched her chest and was gasping for air. She tried to control her breathing as she looked at Leon who seemed to be enjoying her deplorable state.

Leon didnt bulge at her condition or even call on a waiter to offer her some water. It would have given him so much pleasure to watch her pant until she passed out.

Earlier, he had chosen this exclusive and reserved seat for this purpose. He had also instructed the manager of the restaurant not to interrupt his meeting with his guest until he requested their services.

Leon felt like strangling her when she had lied to him that Gab was only a criminal who had harassed her. The only reason he had kept his emotions in check was because of her familys affiliation with him. He knew her dad was a loyal friend to his father and that Chloe was an only child. So he decided to be lenient with her for now.

If only this girl in front of him knew who she was messing with, she would board a rocket ship and leave this planet to never return.

Leon had a dark side that he had kept at bay and concealed for a long time now. But thanks to Chloe, this monster in him was on the verge of reawakening.

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“You want to get married to a girl” Chloe managed to speak after regaining her voice.

“Not just any girl, but the beautiful and talented Miss Ariella Porter,” he glared at her. “Consider yourself privileged to be the first person to have this information.”

Leon sat back and watched her with a devilish smirk on his face.

“But...but...but” she sniffed, “but I thought you... you...loved...”

“Thought what” Leon fired back mercilessly. “You thought I could be with a malicious, garrulous, and over-pampered brat like you” His look was demeaning.

“Well obviously, you thought wrong,” he scoffed.

Leon stood up, walked up to her, and stared down at her with a frightening scowl.

“Consider this meeting a gift and a warning. The next time you pull this disgusting ill-planned move on my wife,” he tossed Gabs brutalized face picture on Chloe, “this picture would only be a tip of the iceberg for whatever awaits you.”

Leon walked out of the restaurant leaving behind a disoriented Chloe.

Chloe picked up the picture on the floor with trembling hands. She looked at it with horror, one more time before shoving it into her handbag.

A waiter approached her, and asked her with a frightened expression on his face, “Madam, are you alright What can I get you”

Chloe nodded and said, “I just received terrible news. I lost my dear uncle. But dont worry, Ill be fine. Just get me water and any strong gin from your bar section.”

Chloe quickly wiped her face but couldnt stop her hands from shaking. She never imagined in her entire life that it would ever come a day, when a man she loved with all her being, would voice out such hateful words to her.

She was certain from the pictures in her handbag, that Gab was a dead man. She felt no remorse for him. Instead, she was filled with anger at the thought of a second failed plan.

If Leon thought he could shake her off so easily, he thought wrong. Moreover, her family and his family were good friends and he wouldnt want to jeopardize that friendship, she thought.

She would have to be more careful next time.

“I must fight for what is rightfully mine,” she declared.

“Ariella!” Chloe said the name bitterly, “the battleline has been drawn, get ready for destruction.”

Chloe brought out her phone and punched her mums number. When her mum picked up, she instructed her to call Leons mum and inform him that her son intends to marry Ariella.

Chloe smiled at the end of the call.

“This time Ariella,” she sneered, “there will be no escaping. Ill make you a filthy rag before Leon and his family.”

Chloe stood up more composed as the waiter approached with the glass of water and drink.

“Madam,” he said politely, “your water and drink,” he placed them on the table. “Once again, sorry for your loss.”

“What loss” Chloe glared at him and pushed him out of her way, “get lost, you fool,” she said and walked away.

The waiter stood by the table perplexed for a moment. “What a beautiful and arrogant lady! Although, death had a funny way of messing with peoples minds.” He sighed and went back to work.

Ariella heard the honking of Leons car when he arrived and she went over to the entrance to welcome him.

When Leon stepped into the villa, he hadnt expected Ariella to be waiting on him. He thought she would be inside her room, on the terrace, library, or even sunbathing.

He intended to go over to his wine bar, have some drinks and return to his bedroom for a cool shower to calm his raging hormones.

Ariella walked up to him smiling and hugged him briefly. She was surprised that he didnt return the hug. This was unlike him. She observed the dark look in his eyes and also his bruised and reddened knuckle. She felt his rigid and tensed body when she hugged him. She was also worried by the expression on his face.

“What are you doing here waiting on me” He questioned, anger and irritation still visible in his voice.

Ella was taken aback by his questioning and his tone. She understood he had a bad day so she tried to be patient with his attitude.

She took his briefcase from him without looking into his eyes and simply said “I came to welcome my husband to be.”

Like the lady of the house, she gave his briefcase to a worried Paul, politely instructing him to drop it in his study room and get her some ice.

Paul knew that whenever their master was in this mood, everyone was supposed to stay clear from his path and only speak when spoken to. Unfortunately, Miss Ariella was unaware of this rule and might get into trouble with the master, Paul thought.

“Mr. Leon,” she said in a gentle and charming voice, would you be a gentleman and kindly follow me to the living room” She smiled, revealing her captivating dimples.

The side of Leons lips curved slightly but his gaze remained hardened. He walked past her and instructed Paul to fix him a drink.

“Yes Mr. Leon,” Paul bowed and hurriedly left to attend to his masters instruction.

Leon walked over to his house bar and sat down on a stool as he tried to calm his nerves.

But Ariella wasnt about to back out. When Paul was done fixing his masters drink, she insisted on the pack of ice.

Paul looked at his master afraid that he might flare up due to Ariellas persistence. But his countenance remained unchanged and he dismissed Paul.

Ariella left with Paul and returned with a pack of ice in her hands and a determined expression in her eyes.

Ella walked over to where he was seated and pulled a stool close to him. She took his left hand without his permission and places it on her thigh. She placed the pack of ice gently on the hand and started to massage it.

Leon grinned slightly, as his anger slowly disappeared.

“Does it hurt much” Ella looked up only to meet Leons gaze, staring intently into her eyes. His darkened expression seemed to have faded away as it was replaced with mischief.

Ella, unperturbed by his expression took the other hand and applied the same cold compression.

“I guess it wouldnt be my business to know how you came about this bruise” She questioned lightly when he didnt respond to her first question.

“No, its none of your business but Ill tell you where it hurts.”



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