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Chapter 25: The Bait

The following morning, Ella came to the dining room for breakfast, only to discover that Leon had already gone out very early.

When she entered the dining room, Paul approached her with a note from Leon.

“Good morning miss Ariella,” Paul smiled politely. “Mr. Leon left this for you,” he handed a sealed note to her.

Ella greeted and thanked Paul; who responded with a smile and walked away. She had her breakfast quietly and returned to her room.

Inside her room, she opened up the note and went through it.

Leon had informed her that they would be going to the countryside of Carlpole later in the afternoon, to see his parents. He also stated that he had a lead on the threat letter sent to her which he would be working on.

Ella smiled and put away the note. She was about to call Denise when she got a call from her mum.


For some reason, her stomach churned and her heart let her out a sigh. “I hope Olivia hasnt said anything to mum,” she mused before taking the call.

“Hello, sweetheart.”

“Hi mum, how are you” Ella breathed in deeply on hearing her mothers voice.

She couldnt remember the last time her mum called her sweetheart. That was a name meant for Olivia.

After she broke up with Richard and took on her fashion dream, her mum would always address her by her first name whenever they spoke.

When her dad died, Ella distanced herself from her hometown and this put a strain on her relationship with her mum.

The only time she remembered her mum using such pet names on her was after she had gotten a job in F&K fashion home and her mum had wanted her to come home. Her mum had pleaded for her to come and partake in a remembrance ceremony held in honor of her father.

So from the mums cool and sweet voice, Ella knew she wanted something from her, as usual.

“I am fine my dear, how about you, and how is your work”

“Huh...Im fine and work is also going on well,” Ella muttered.

Now, she was certain that something was up. This was the first time her mum had ever acknowledged her work and it felt too good to be true.

“Mum, is something wrong Is there something you want from me Just say it,” Ella couldnt hold back her curiosity and irritation. “You can drop your act now. You dont need to pretend to like my job, because I know you detest it.”

“Come on darling, must something go wrong for me to know about the well-being of my daughter,” Her mum paused for a while then continued.

“Moreover, people do change. I have made peace with what youve chosen to become. I can tell you are doing great at it, so I have given you my blessing.”

Ella smelled something fishy but decided not to interrupt her mother. She allowed her to continue with her speech while reading the meaning of every word she said.

“Dont try to push me away again. I have thought hard and Im trying my best to rebuild our weak relationship. I know I have done and said things in the past that may have hurt you and I am sorry. I have lost your father and I dont intend to lose you too. You and your sister are the only families I have left in this world. I miss you, my dear.”

Ella felt emotional for a while as tears rolled down her cheeks. She indeed missed home and her mum. But since her mum never supported her choice of career, she relied mostly on Olivias love and support.

Hearing those sweet words coming from her mum touched her soul.

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“I miss you too mum,” she sniffed.

“Can you come to visit this lonely mum of yours, I would love to see your face.”

“Okay mum, I will,” Ella laughed between sobs.

“This weekend maybe,” her mum pushed on.

“This weekend is fine by me.” Ella smiled.

“Alright sweetie, see you soon, Ill make your favorite meal. Bye, sweetie.”

“Bye mum,” Ella hung up and wiped her face dry.

She called and spoke to Denise for a while before ending the conversation with a worried expression on her face.

Denise had informed her that she is the newest and hottest topic on the lips of everyone in the F&K fashion home. Some persons were genuinely happy for her while some others were jealous and claimed she used her wits to secure a spot with Leon at the event.

According to Denise, Leon was addressed as the playboy who only hung around pretty ladies. They even speculated that her relationship with him wouldnt last longer than a night or two.

Hence, Denise had warned her to be vigilant around Leon and never to let her guard down until she confirmed for herself that the rumors arent true.


Back at an undisclosed warehouse, Leon sat opposite a man tied firmly to a chair. Leons stares were lethal, his breath was fierce, and when he spoke, his booming voice spat out venomous words.

The unknown man had a bruise and swollen face, a bleeding nose, and cut lips. He looked very weak like he would pass out any moment. He had told his tormentors everything he knew to save his neck. He even went as far as calling the number given to him by his boss. This action implicated the kidnappers involved in the deal. But his captors were not satisfied with torturing him. If only he had known, he wouldnt have taken on this job that may end up costing him his life.

Gab had been stationed by the house of a pretty girl named Ariella, by his benefactor, Chloe. His duty was to disguise himself as a mail delivery guy and go over to her house with a package when she shows up. By doing so, he would confirm her true identity before calling a certain number. He had already been rewarded handsomely with a promise of more money if his mission was successful.

Unfortunately for him, his luck ran out last night, when a girl that fits the description of Ariella, arrived in a black limo and entered the house. Gab came out of his hiding place and walked over to her front door with the package which he never bothered opening to check its content. He rang her bell and after a while, she opened the door.

He was about to celebrate his triumph when two hefty hands landed on his shoulders and whisked him away in a black-tinted SUV.

After several hours of torture, he disclosed to them everything he knew. He even opened up to them that he was the same person that dropped off the threat letter. He had hoped they would release him. But to his disappointment, they kept him tied up all night in an empty room.

The next day, Gab came face to face with the CEO of Treshvire fashion; who frightened him more than his previous tormentors. Leon was more ruthless and showed no mercy in his questioning and his bone-crushing punches.

After an hour of listening to and torturing Gab and his cohorts, Leon had enough information and evidence to deal with Chloe for planning to kidnap and torture Ariella.

Leon set up an appointment with an overly excited Chloe for a lunch date at a fancy restaurant. He returned to his work after giving instructions to his men of the underworld, to finish off and dispose of the spy and kidnappers.

Chloe had been so excited all morning when she got a call from Leon inviting her for a lunch date. His soft and charming voice when he spoke made her forget her vendetta with Ariella. She even forgot the silent treatment he gave her at the Cherry Gala and the information she got about Ariella spending the night at his villa.

Chloe believed she was capable of forgiving Leon of all his sins, as long as he would profess love to her. She didnt bother checking up on Gab to find out if Ariella ever returned to her house or was still at Leons villa.

She canceled all her appointments for the day and went to a beauty salon to get herself pampered. She had her hair done, nails fixed, and a body massage.

During the body massage therapy, she fantasized about Leon telling her, how stupid he was to have gone out with Ariella. She imagined him going down on one knee and proposing to her. She heard him saying in her thoughts, Chloe, I miss you so much. I have been dying to tell you this ever since I saw you with that guy at the Gala night. Please, would you do me the honor of becoming my wife

“Yes! Yes! I will marry you,” Chloe said out loud causing the masseuse to wonder if her client had gone nuts.

At about a few minutes past two, Chloe stepped into the Reneth wine and dine, looking elegant and classy. She caught the attention of some admirers as she walked over to the reserved and secluded table, where Leon was already seated and awaiting her.

When she got to Leons table, he was reading a magazine. Her eyes sparkled at the thought of him standing up to welcome her with a warm embrace.

“Hello, handsome,” she gave him a come hither look.

Leon responded with a brief cold stare and a simple gesture for her to take her seat without reciprocating the smile or responding to her greeting. After that, he returned his full attention to reading his magazine.

Chloe hesitated for a second then she pulled out an opposite seat and sat down. She was a bit confused about his blank and cold reception. But she concluded that he may have had a bad day at the office.

“I can see you havent ordered yet. I guess youre waiting for me, right” She said smiling flirtatiously.

Leon dropped the magazine on the table this time and gazed into her eyes coldly and ferociously.

Chloe almost stood up and ran out of the restaurant but for some reason, she felt hypnotized and remained glued to her seat staring into a devils eyes.

He slid two pictures to her without breaking his gaze.

When Chloe saw the pictures, her lips twitched, and her body tremble. It was as though Hurricane Katrina was close to Reneth wine and dine.



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