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Chapter 21: The Contract

Early the next day, Leon and Ariella both left the hotel and flew back to Amzone city. They drove down to the villa and after a brief rest and shower, they had breakfast together.

Leon led Ella to his home office and offered her a seat. Then he brought out some documents and handed them over to her to go through.

Contract Marriage Conditions;

1. For the duration of the contract, Only Mr. Leon Treshvire would be known as the man in your life. You are not permitted to be in or keep any other relationship with another man.

2. You are never to question, meddle, discuss or sniff around Mr. Leon Treshvires personal affairs, businesses, and family-related matters.

3. If by any chance, you find yourself intimate or indulge in any sexual relationship with Mr. Leon Treshvire, you MUST never get pregnant.

Note: You must never fall in love with Mr. Treshvire.


Ella raised an eyebrow, slipping him a curious glance when she had gone over the conditions of the marriage contract.

Leon smirked mischievously at her curiosity and then took a seat beside her.

“Miss Ariella Porter,” He grinned evilly, “Can you abide by the conditions of this contract If you do, you will get anything and I repeat, anything you desire to grow your brand and stand out in the fashion world.”

“Who knows, I may end up having you as a major competitor,” he relaxed his back, and scrutinized her facial expressions.

Ariella smiled within, if Leon thinks he would have her that easily, it would only be in his dreams. If she had been able to stay in a relationship for two years without sex with her ex-boyfriend, then six months is nothing compared to that.

Leon must think so highly of himself, she thought. Why is he so confident that she would fall in love with him If only he knew her better. Whenever someone puts up a challenge before her, her inner gladiators kick in. She would fight with the last drop of blood in her body to prove the person wrong. The only time she succumbs to defeat is when fate has a different plan. This, she had witnessed firsthand, when she lost her father to the cold hand of death.

Not only was she going to accept this challenge that Leon had put before her, but she would also prove to him that all ladies are not the same or entirely weak as he presumes. After all, he is not the only rich and handsome guy in the world.

“Mr. Leon Treshvire, I accept every condition stated in this contract alongside a few inputs of my own,” she replied with a determined and optimistic gaze at Leon.

Leon, who had been expecting questions or even opposition to one or two of the conditions was amazed and impressed at her determined expression.

He half smiled, stood up, and went over to his desk. Then he gestured at Ella to take a seat opposite.

He asked her to state her conditions as he inputted them on his laptop device.

“So..., No sex and no meddling in your affairs, any more conditions...” He looked askance at her.

“Yes, one more condition,” Ella slipped him a guarded look. “We do not share the same room or the same bed. I will need my privacy.”

Leon gazed at her with a glint of amusement in his eyes.

“But of course soon-to-be Mrs. Ariella Treshvire, there will be no need to share the same room or the same bed when you have stressed no sex. Except you have suddenly changed your mind, which would be a welcome development,” he burrowed into her eyes with his bewitching gaze.

“You know, sometimes I sleep naked, Can you imagine how this would influence that condition of yours” He grinned mischievously at her.

Ella blushed at his words and turned her face away.

“No need to worry your beautiful head, we can always review your conditions anytime you change your mind.”

She rolled her eyes at him. “I will never change my mind, and please, take me more seriously.”

Leon stood up from his seat and walked over to her. He bent down slightly and raised Ellas chin with one hand.

Ellas heartbeat picked up its pace as their eyes locked momentarily.

“What did I say about rolling those eyes at me” Leon demanded in a guttural voice.

Before Ella had time to think or respond, Leon bit down softly on her lower lips and kissed her. She was just beginning to enjoy the kiss when he instinctively pulled away. This made her feel piqued at her needs and his wicked teasing.

“Dont roll those gorgeous eyes at me again. If you do, Ill increase the punishment.” He smirked wickedly and returned to his seat.

This time, as he spoke, Ella entirely avoided his gaze. She chose to look at everything in the office but him.

Slightly irked by her behavior, he continued talking.

“I hope you know as a couple, we will have to make it more believable”

Ella wasnt sure of the point he was trying to make, so she shrugged and said, “how do you mean”

He stood up a second time, walked up to her, and sat at the table very close to her. He turned her cheek and raised her chin to face him.

Ariella felt jumpy as she quickly braced and guarded herself. She batted her long lashes severally and avoided rolling her eyes.

When Leon observed her behavior, he chuckled. Her reaction heightened his desire, as he felt the heat in his body rising and his suppressed needs of yesterday came back to life.

Leon thought of ways to control his desires whenever he was close to Ella. He knew from her expression that she would be a difficult nut to crack. He was a bit worried at his burning desire to make crazy love to her which always doubled anytime she outrightly turned him down.

“Ella,” he stroked her cheeks tenderly, which made her face aglow. “As a couple, there will be moments, especially in public, when we would have to hug, kiss, and even act passionately toward one another.”

His voice was so soft that Ella almost caught herself dreaming.

“This will make us a perfect couple, especially in the eyes of my parents. I want them convinced.”

Leon was tempted to kiss her again. He had hoped that she would roll her eyes at him. At least, this would be a good reason to kiss her deeper this time.

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Sensing that she wasnt about to fall prey to his little trap, he stood up and walked back to his seat feeling frustrated.

“So, would you be able to act like a true wife in that regard” He cast a hypnotic stare at her.

“Ill try my best.” Ella shook off the heated moment from her head. “But, you must not breach my personal space.”

“Ill try my best too,” he smiled and returned to working on his laptop.

When Leon was done updating the contract, he printed it and handed it over to her to go through them and sign.

Ella read the contract again and appended her signature when she was satisfied with the conditions. She handed it over to Leon who also signed.

“We will be officially getting married in the next two weeks,” Leon gave her a serious look. “Therefore, I will be formally introducing you to my parents in two days. Would that be convenient with your schedule”

“Huh!..” Ellas eyes shown with bewilderment.

Two weeks Isnt that too soon We barely know each other! Moreover, I plan on traveling to see my sister. And...”

“Two weeks is perfect.” Leon interrupted her. “The earlier we get married, the earlier we start working on your brand. Also, after we are done seeing my parents, we would be returning to the city the same day. You can go afterward to see your sister.”

Ella was rendered speechless by his authoritative demands. It was as though this issue had been settled long ago.

“Henceforth, John will be your chauffeur, I wouldnt want any harm to come to my wife when I am not there to protect her.” Leon grinned at her quirked-up stares.

“Okay...I know you plan to monitor me, but I promise that I wont disappoint you.” Ella stood and stretched out her hand for a handshake, “its a deal,” she smiled.

Leon smiled, stood up, and shook her hands gently “Its a deal. Two weeks from now, you will be officially Mrs. Ariella Treshvire.”


Chloe returned to her mansion at noon after her wild adventure with her one-night stand. It finally dawned on her that Leon was not interested in her. But she wasnt going to let him go just like that without a fight. Especially when he chose to be with that lowlife Ariella instead of her.

Earlier, back in her hotel room, she had remained in bed thinking and strategizing on ways to destroy Ariella.

Except for Ariellas file with F&K fashion home, which contained her home address, Silvia had not been able to come up with any other relevant information. This had made Chloe furious. She needed other things that would tarnish Ariellas image, which she would happily share with Leons mother.

So, Chloe hired the services of a spy to watch and record all of Ariellas movements and report to her intermittently. She needed the right opportunity to strike and finish Ariella off. The thought of her plan brought so much peace and satisfaction to her that she temporarily forgot about the event of the Cherry Gala.

Chloes mother knocked and entered her daughters room.

“Hi sweetie,” she sat on the bed, beaming with so much excitement as she watched her daughter relaxing and browsing through her phone. “How was last night Hope you had fun. By the way, I saw you with some other young man last night. And who was the red hair girl with Leon at the Gala Did you fight with Leon”

Chloe glared and sneered at her mothers statement, but said nothing. Instead, she returned her focus to her phone.

“Did I say or ask anything wrong darling” Her mum gave a puzzled look.

Chloe continued to ignore her like she wasnt in the room.

“Chloe, talk to me, Im your mother and best friend. If anything went wrong, I should be the first person to know, so I can correct it.” Her mum pleaded in a calm voice.

“There is nothing wrong with me mum,” she said begrudgingly. She then adjusted her sweater long sleeve so her mum could see her injured hand that was bandaged.

“Oh my God!...”


“What happened to your hand” Her mums eyes widened and her forehead furrowed. She quickly but gently snatched her daughters hand and scrutinized it.

Suddenly but pretentiously, Chloe broke down, crying. This made her mother enraged as she hugged and tried to console her.

“Chloe, tell me what happened. If anyone hurts my princess, they will pay dearly.”

“Mum, Leon ditched me at the Gala yesterday for the same girl. This was the same girl that embarrassed me at the fashion show,” Chloe sniffed.


“And to make the matter worsen, I heard he left with her before the end of the ceremony to who knows where,” Chloes eyes darkened in fury.

Chloes mother stood up and smoothened her dress. She turned to her daughter and spoke with fierce determination. “Dont trouble yourself, my angel, Ill deal with that little fleece. And for Leon, Ill have a serious discussion with his mother. Just try not to hurt yourself anymore. I dont want to see one more scratch on your beautiful body okay” She stared affectionately into her daughters eyes.

“Okay, mum,” Chloe half smiled.




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