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Chapter 19: The Cherry Gala

The cries and cheers of the crowded fans at the entrance were deafening. But thanks to the barricade and the tight security, Leon walked into the hall with his head held high smiling, waving, and blowing kisses to his admirers.

Chloe also came in a few minutes after Leon. As usual, the crowd of fans screamed and cheered as they were witnessing a godlike beauty. Her gold embroidery design on her immaculate white flowing gown glinted like an enchanting golden sun. She smiled proudly and gave the princess wave to her fans. After a brief interview with the hosts of the show, she stepped into the hall.

Before the event began, Leon walked over to his parents table and exchanged pleasantries with them and other guests seated at the same table.

His Father, the main guest of honor, came with his usual entourage of friends.

“Leon my boy, your father tells me you are doing so great.” Mr. Albert Robinson complimented. “Keep it up, son.”

Leon nodded his appreciation and briskly excuse himself from the table as he observed Mrs. Robinson trying to say something.

Chloe saw Leon from afar and walked up to him smiling.


Leon was chatting with some friends and celebrities when he was irked by her touch on his shoulder. He spun around and cast a dreadful glare at her, before snobbishly walking past her like she was nothing but a foul-smelling cloudy air.

Chloe stood transfixed on the spot for some minutes before regaining her consciousness. Unknown to her, her face was puffed up and red. Feeling the shameful stares cast on her by so many eyes, she walked timidly to where Silvia was seated and took a seat beside her.

Frost and Kyle were elated that Chloe decided to grace their table; which was located in the middle of the hall. They welcomed her like a presidential celebrity and complimented her.

When Silvia tried saying something, Chloe quickly shut her up.

Fortunately, thanks to Chloes stunning beauty, a movie star celebrity found her extremely attractive. He walked up to her and asked if he could join her table.

Chloe accepted the companionship of the young man without a second thought. She intended to make Leon feel jealous since there was no lady currently seated by his side.

Halfway into the event of the day, Ariella and Denise arrived at the venue. When Ariella stepped out of the black limo looking like the delicately formed daughter of Aphrodite; the Greek goddess of sexual love and beauty, the crowd thinking she was an international celebrity and model, went wild with excitement.

Ariella was donned in a crepe pink long flowing gown with a thin strap. The back design was deep and framed with dangling pearls. In front of her dress, was a high thigh slit that showed off her enchanting porcelain skin.

Her neck was adorned with a simple but sophisticated precious stones design that matched her dangle pair of earrings. With a glamorous updo hairstyle, complimented by her cool and light make-up, her jade green eyes radiated so much beauty.

Ariella was overwhelmed by the warm welcome she received from the crowd of fans. She smiled and shyly waved at them.

When she finally walked into the hall, Charles, who had been briefed earlier, welcomed her and Denise like superstars. He led her to the front row seat thereby causing every head to turn and eyes to gawk.

Even the event hosts at the podium were speechless. One of the hosts quickly directed the main cameraman, to focus his lens on Ariella. She was captured walking and smiling on the massive backdrop projector. The majority of the guests started murmuring words of compliments as their heads trailed Ariellas every movement.

Leons desire flickered to life when he saw Ariella from afar. He walked up to them majestically like an emperor. He took Ariellas right hand from Charles, planted a passionate kiss on it, and gently led her in his arms to where he was seated.

At the sight of this, Chloe almost passed out.

“Who is that...” Was all she could manage to say in a weak voice.

Silvia, who was seated close to Chloe recognize Ariella immediately. She was so stunned that she could barely speak. All she could mumble under her breath was, “Ariella!”

“Ariella...” Chloe suddenly regained her stamina as she echoed the name within.

“Ariella! I thought...she is... isnt she the lady you fired” Chloe stuttered as indignation consumed her whole body. It was as though she was standing in the valley of a major crumbling gorge.

If Leon had gone for a different lady, she wouldnt have felt this much devastation.

But the site of Ariella, sitting close to the man she wanted so desperately, smiling and laughing as he whispered into her ear made Chloe simmer with so much rage.

Frost and Kyle became frantic as they ransacked their brains for suitable words to appease Chloe.

“Yes! we fired her the same day we left your mansion!”

“Then how did she get an invite to this event” Chloes eyes shot fiery darts at Silvia and her bosses. She felt verbally slapped by the three ciphers gawking at her.

Chloe clenched her fist in fury, forgetting that she was holding a glass of champagne. The fragile glass shattered under her clenched fist and cut into her palm.

“Chloe! Your hand!” Silvia was alarmed at the sight of her friends bleeding palm.

Chloes male companion came to her rescue, as he quickly tied a napkin around her bleeding hand and led her out of the hall.

On the other hand, Leon and Ariella were having a great time together.

Leon had been so taken by Ariellas beauty that he forgot about his promise not to kiss her again. In his mind, he had already ravaged her.

He stole stealth glances at her backside, tracing from the nape of her neck down to her exposed waistline. He swallowed hard at her beautiful and sexy curve, which caused his shaft to harden.

Throughout the event, he couldnt take his eyes off her. He thought of ways to show her a world of so much pleasure but every time he wanted to whisper something erotic into her ears, she would do something that distracted or cautioned him.

Ariella was so thrilled sitting beside Leon. This was her first time attending such an extraordinary occasion. The warm welcome she received made her feel over the moon.

She could not contain the joy within her from the moment she finished dressing up and saw her reflection in the mirror. This was the first dress she had dared to wear, which was quite revealing.

When she stepped out of the limo, and saw the crowd by the entrance, screaming and trying to touch her; with the majority begging her to sign an autograph, she was elated. She even imagined herself being the CEO of her brand and getting all this love and admiration from fans.

Also, when she saw Leon, walking towards her, and looking so dashing in his elegant well-fitted grey tuxedo, her heart missed a beat. And, when he kissed her on her hand, her skin flushed with a thousand emotions.

“Ella,” Leon whispered into her ears seductively, “I want us to leave here after this last guest speaker. I would like to show you somewhere special.”

Ellas eyes sparkled and heat curled down her spine as she felt Leons breath caress her ears like a gentle summer breeze.

“Okay,” she said in a hushed voice.

Somewhere in the front row VIP section, Marissa Treshvire glared in her sons direction and an evil fire burned in her eyes.

“So, he prefers a red hair half naked sl*t over my precious Chloe...” Rage bottled up inside her. “We shall see how this plays out... unless Im no longer Marissa Treshvire.”

Leon and Ella left the Cherry Gala event together in Leons exotic car. Before leaving, he texted John instructing him to take Denise to her home after the event.

He drove down to his private hangar at the airport like a 007 agent on a state mission. They alighted the car and boarded his private jet. Comfortably seated and strapped in, they left the city; drinking champagne, chatting, and laughing heartily.

Ella was amazed at the whole experience. This was her first time being treated in such a princess-like way. Her heart fluttered as she watched Leon; who was seated opposite her, talking and laughing so warmly.

She observed as his perfectly sculptured chin move up and down to the rhythm of John Legends Tonight R&b lyrics. She was mesmerized by his ocean blue eyes as they sparkled in the night light, engulfing her in them. She wanted to swim in those eyes forever.

Her skin tingled as she watched his shoulder move when he gestured at something he was saying. She fantasized about those broad shoulders and athletic bodies holding her so close. And not to mention that beautiful and sexy movement of his Adam apple...

“Oh gosh...” Ariella mused incoherently as her body sizzled, longing for his touch. “Is this lust, or am I falling in love with this beautiful man...”


Leon called her so gently that she thought she was in Dreamland. He touched her hands so softly, causing her jade green eyes to twinkle even more.

Leon breathed deeply as he controlled his monstrous emotions and appetite for the angelic beauty before him.

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“Uh...” Her voice sounded like a whisper.

“We are here, shall we” He stretched out his right hand.

Ella looked out the window and discovered that the plane had already touched down and had stopped moving.

How time flies so fast when you are lost in wonderland, she marveled.

“Wow... that was so fast,” she smiled and took his hands as he led her out of the jet.

They boarded an elegant limousine that was already parked and awaiting their arrival. Then they zoomed off.

“Leon, I hope we will be going back to the city this night,” Ella suddenly became conscious of everything happening around her as an inner voice started warning her.

“Sure,” Leon gave an evil smirk, “Ill return you in one piece.”

Ella was uncomfortable with the way Leon was looking at her. It was as though he was ripping her dress with his bare eyes.

She decided to talk about something else to distract him.

“Leon, that was your father up on that stage, right He was looking so dashing in those elegant well-tailored white suits,” Ella smiled.

“Are you attracted to my father or me” His eyes were suddenly cold. Feeling a bit angry, he looked out the window.

Ella was unprepared for this reaction.

“I...I am sorry. That wasnt my intention, I was just... Never mind. Im sorry again” Ella felt her hands trembling at Leons sudden cold reaction.

Leon, who couldnt seem to keep his eyes off her for a second, turned back towards her. He leaned forward, closing up the space between them.

“Its okay...”

Ella could feel his minty breath as he leaned closer.

Her heart began thumping very loudly. Her body heated up and she feared that her heart would explode with pent-up emotions.

She shut her eyes and waited breathlessly for a kiss that didnt come.

“Its safe to say Im a very jealous man...” He said in a cool tone and then sat back in a relaxed position.

Leon desperately wanted to see her eyes. He concluded if he wanted to kiss her, he would do so with her looking into his own eyes and not shutting them that tight.

Ella swallowed her saliva and open her eyes when she noticed he wasnt that close to her anymore.

Finally, they arrive at their destination.

When Ella stepped out of the limo with Leon holding her by her hands she was overwhelmed at the site of the magnificent Opera House.





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