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Chapter 18: A Juicy Plan To Taunt Chloe.

Ella inhaled and exhaled as she could feel her heart thumping out loud at Leons proposal. His proposal sounded exactly like an episode from her favorite telenovela. Did he watch the same show as her Because he had quoted an exact line used by the male protagonist.

She wondered what the conditions of the marriage contract would be. She wished Denise was around to give us a clue on what to say. Although, she knew Denise would accept this kind of proposal. Who wouldnt A chance to make all your dreams come to reality in six months. This was a jackpot offer.

As her curiosity got the better part of her, she asked, “lets say if I were to agree, what happens at the end of the contract”

Leon smiled at her questions. It was obvious she was considering it. “We will go our separate ways, and live happily ever after. But, well still remain friends.”

She tried to avoid his gaze as she said, “let me think about it.”

Leon smiled at her response. He also marveled, as most girls wouldnt think twice before accepting such a lucrative deal and the chance to be with him for that long.

“I would also like you and Denise to be my guest at the Cherry Gala tomorrow.”


“Seriously!” Ellas eyes sparkled with real excitement.

“Yes! Seriously! Nothing would make me happier,” he smiled. “Also, I have instructed John to take you and Denise out shopping at some selected boutiques and jewelry stores for tomorrows event. I want the both of you to look elegant.”

Ellas face contoured slightly. She perceives a trap. “But I havent said yes. Why would you want to spend on us” She raised a brow like a police detective listening to a falsified testimony of a criminal.

Leon laughed hard at this. She would make a great cartoon character, he thought. Her amazing sense of humor was ribs cracking.

“Because you are already my friend and I always take care of my friends.” Leon humored her with a funny face causing her to chuckle.

“Also, I intend to flaunt you before your old bosses. I want them to feel jealous. They would regret ever letting go of you. Especially when they see you sitting beside me and hanging around dignitaries they would never dare interact with. It going to be your first punch on their horrible faces. Wouldnt you like that” he quizzed with an evil grin.

“I would love that!” Ellas face glimmered with excitement. She couldnt hide her enthusiasm for throwing the first punch at Frost and Kyles faces. Its going to be a show to remember.

“Mr. Leon,” she smiled bewitchingly. “Thanks for inviting Denise and me. We are most grateful.

“Its my pleasure.” Leon returned the same captivating smile.

Leon knew Chloe would be attending the event. Hence, he planned on flaunting Ariella to taunt her.

A few minutes later, Leon left Ella to work on some projects after giving instructions to John to take her and her friend shopping.

He was tapping away on his laptop when he got a call from his mother.

“Hi, mum, sorry I forgot to call,” his forehead furrowed as he recollected her reason for calling.

“Has it gotten to the point where you are now too busy for your mother” Her voice was soft but firm.

“You know I cant be too busy for my number one sweetheart” A smile tugged at the corner of his lips. Leon knew the right words to say to make his mother smile.

“Dont sweet-talk me, young man, Im mad at you.” Her voice softened even more.

“Please dont be mad, I already said Im sorry. Tell me, what would it take to make you happy Huh...mail delivery hugs and kisses”

“Well, you should visit more often if you are too busy to take your calls. Your last visit was just too brief and I didnt get enough time to bond with you.”

“Its okay mum, Ill try,” Leon said begrudgingly

“Leon, you know youre my only son and I want what is best for you,” his mum paused for a while as if she was thinking about something.

“Here we go!” Leon mused angrily.

“I think you should give Chloe a try. She will make a perfect w...”

“Enough! Mum,” Leons voice was a bit harsh


“I said enough of that! You of all people know how I hate it when anyone meddles in my affairs. If I want a woman or a wife, I am capable of making my choice.” Leon gritted his teeth as he tried hard to suppress his anger.

“Okay! Okay...you dont have to be so arrogant to me young man... Im your mother. It was only a harmless suggestion.”

Mrs. Treshvire knew her sons temper which she believed he inherited from her husband. Hence, she tried to manage the situation.

Leon breathed in deeply as he tried to calm his raging nerves.

“Is that the reason why you called Im very busy”

“Okay, if it will make you happy, I wont mention Chloe again, but make sure whichever lady you decide to bring to this house is of a reputable background.” She hissed out loud and ended the call.

Leon let out an evil chuckle as terror flashed in his eyes, then he returned to his work.


Ariella sat down to a late dinner after a whole day of fun and shopping with Denise.

She had been amazed at the set of jewelry and accessories Leon had already selected for her, from some exotic and luxurious brands and stores.

It was more like her going to try out these jewelry and accessories rather than going to shop for her choice. If she have had her way, she would have gone for the less expensive ones. When she compared what Leon bought for her to her salary earnings as a worker, the cost was like twenty years of hard work. It was as though money was nothing to Leon.

Denise on the other hand had been super excited throughout their shopping spree. In her words, she had said,Ella, who would have thought that we will be shopping like superstars today after losing our jobs just yesterday.

When Ella had confided in her about Leons proposal, Denise had been over the moon with enthusiasm. Denise had pleaded with her to consider the proposal without overthinking it.

Denise further explained the benefits of being a Mrs. Treshvire. Denise even begged her that if she didnt want the proposal, she should recommend her to Leon even if the contract is just for one month.

Before going to bed that night, she called Leon again and thanked him for everything. Leons response to her gratitude was carefree. It was as though the money spent on her was not a big deal.

The next day, Ella and Denise, both went to the beauty salon for a makeover and a hairdo. After they were done in the salon, Ella drove to Denises house to pick up her stuff.

They had planned on departing for the event from Ellas house. Leon had earlier informed her that John would be coming to pick her up at her place.

The event was to take place later that evening and they were so excited as they prepared.

Ella had worked late into the night the previous day, on the dress she intended to wear for the Cherry Gala. And by morning, an elegant design stood before her and she admired her masterpiece.


Leon instructed John to pick up Ariella and her friend and bring them over to the venue of the occasion as he wanted to go ahead of them.

Leons actual intention was for Ariella to come into the event hall late, looking dazzling and elegant which would cause people to stare and admire her. While he in turn would walk up to her and sweep her off her feet like a phoenix prince.


Back at the Robinsons mansion, Chloe had been preparing all day for the glorious event. She was also excited at the chance to see Leon and confront him with her feelings.

It was just 2:00 PM and she was certain the venue for the event would be crowded with fans and celebrities.

Chloe could be heard from afar dishing out orders to the mansion staff members and they were seen running up and down in frenzy.

“Where is the juice I asked for”

“Coming, Madam Chloe...”

“Whap!... how dare you place those designer shoes on the floor Do you know how much they cost..”

“Sorry, Madam Chloe,” the maid gawked in disbelief. Where was she supposed to place the shoe the madam intended to wear, if not the floor She thought.

“Do not overstretch the curls! Idiot!...”

“Okay, Madam Chloe. Sorry about that.”

“Fit the waist properly, I want the dress to accentuate my sexy curve.”

“Yes! Madam Chloe.”

Her list of complaints and needs was endless.

Her mother stepped into the room smiling and started complimenting her.

“Oh, my princess! You look so gorgeous and elegant.”

“I know mum, thanks to dad, I am dressed in a unique and customized international design.”Chloe began to gasconade as she walked around her gigantic princess-like room flaunting her dresss captivating gold and white embroidered designs.

Some of the mansion staff members that were still busy inside her room secretly admired her while others breathed a sigh of relief at her satisfied look.

At about a few minutes past four, Chloe left the mansion in one of her exotic red limousines. Her parents had already left ahead of her.

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The venue of the Cherry Gala was the iconic Southern Ice Palace. It was the most prominent and luxurious palace in the whole of Amzone. It was known for its warm hospitality and its distinctive location. It was specifically used for top celebrity events and occasions. The external decorative lighting, fountain exhibition, and historical sculptures were mind-blowing. While the internal artistic painting display, luxurious furnishing, and world-class chandelier were priceless to behold.

At the entrance, there were red carpet activities ongoing. Celebrities were interviewed and they posed stylishly for the camera. Fans in their numbers screamed and cheered for their favorite celebrities, while some begged for autographs to be signed.

There was excessive light flashing from enthusiastic paparazzi cameras causing eyes to squint.

Based on the luxurious fashion display, only the rich and influential were thought to grace the event.

Top entertainment celebrities, iconic fashion designers, politicians, and many wealthy business tycoons graced the occasion. Amongst some of these business tycoons were Rex Treshvier,(who happened to be one of the guests of honor) Marissa Treshvire, Albert Robinson, and his wife.

When Leon Treshvire stepped out of his grey latest edition Bugatti and walked up the red carpet, the crowd; especially the ladies went into a frenzy.

“Its Leon!... Ahhhh...”


“I love you, Leon!...”

“Marry me!...”



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