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Chapter 11: A Tense Atmosphere

Ellas face reddened. She wanted to bury her head under the table. She felt like disappearing into thin air. “How could I have embarrassed myself like this” She mentally stroked herself. She took the handkerchief from Leon and whispered a thank you without looking up to meet his gaze. She gently wiped her mouth and the slight wine stain on her hands and her top. “Could he really be Mr. Leon Treshvire He matched the profile so well... No! I have to be sure.” She mused incoherently.

Leon observed that she was missing a spot. He moved closer to assist her, but she instinctively avoided his touch and recoiled into herself like a shy snail.

“Im okay, thank you,” Ella spoke rather harshly. Leon was encroaching on her space and it was suffocating her.

Leon noted that she had activated self-defense mode, so he decided to let her be.

After mentally reassuring herself to regain her composure, she sat up and thanked him again. She didnt want to look like a weakling in Leons presence.

At that moment, Charles returned to the table. “Sorry the call took so long,” he apologized. “Forgive my manner! Ariella, please order anything you would like to eat.”

“No Im fine, thank you,” she said feeling better but her stomach growled slightly objecting to her response.


Ella now felt uneasy beside Leon. She was still in doubt about him. “If he was the CEO, he cant be seated here close to her and chatting with her in a carefree manner.” Her thoughts scrambled for attention. “The real CEO was known to be arrogant and less tolerant. Why was he been nice to her even after her behavior the last time No, no, he just cant be.”

“Ariella, Ill be taking my leave now so I can catch up with some stuff.” Leons charming smiles were hypnotic.

Leon, who had been observing her, knew she had been affected by the card she was holding. He decided to give her some space to get a grip on herself.

“Ill be expecting your call when youve made up your mind on what weve discussed. It was a great pleasure getting to know you. Take good care of yourself, okay”

Leon turned his attention to Charles. “Ill see you around buddy.” He stood up and left.

Ariellas eyes trailed after him until he left the bar. She turn to Charles and asked with a confused expression on her face. “Charles, please I need to clarify something. Is that the CEO of Treshvire fashion”

Charles smiled as he had been expecting the question. “Yes!” He replied casually.

Ella, who couldnt hide her astonishment simply said, “for real” Her eyes glinted in her hidden bewilderment.

Charles quickly changed the topic. “So, Ariella, to show you how impressed and committed I am to your designs, I will be taking a dozen of the displayed dresses.”

Ella was overwhelmed and short of words. “Thank you, Sir,” she managed to say.

“Remember, noSir, just Charles.”

“Sorry, thank you, Charles.”

“Susan will go back with you and conduct the deal with your company account department.”

“Okay Charles, Im so grateful.”

“Im not done yet,” he said as he noticed Ariella was getting ready to leave.

“Ohh! Okay.”

“And since Im aware that your company will be the ones benefiting from this deal, here is a little token of appreciation from me, for honoring my invitation.” He slid a cheque for a substantial amount to Ariella. “I want you to keep up the good work.”

“You dont have to, Charles, youve done enough already. A dozen of dresses in my name is the best I could ever hope for.” She smiled and stole a furtive glance at the figure on the cheque. According to her mental calculation, it was ten times her monthly earnings. “Wow! with this amount, she didnt need to work for F&K fashion home anymore. she could just resign immediately.” Her mind secretly jubilated.

“I dont take no for an answer,” he said and signaled Susan, who came abruptly.

“Susan, please escort Miss Porter back to her work and make the transaction as I have instructed.”

“Yes Sir.”

“Thanks once again Ariella for your time,” Charles smiled in her direction.

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“Thank you so much Charles for everything, Im truly grateful,” Ella said and took the cheque on the table.

As Ella was about to leave with Susan, Charles quickly added.

“Ariella, please drop your contact with Susan. We would contact you when we need new inspiring designs.”

“That wouldnt be a problem, Charles, thanks once more,” she said and left the bar with Susan.

When Denise sited Ariella from afar, she quickly walked up to her, smiling broadly, and hugged her.

“Tell me everything,” Denise held her arm enthusiastically and led her out of the hotel.

“But, we are supposed to round up with our work” Ella was reluctant to leave knowing she had unfinished business back in the dressing room.

“I thought I told you that Ive got you covered Dont worry about anything sweetie, we are done here, for today. Mr. Kyle and the marketing department will handle the rest. All we need to do now is go back to the office and have a debriefing session with you know who,” she made a funny face.

“Do you think we still have a chance at winning after the fiasco Chloe put up” Ella bit her lower lips in disappointment. “You know we saved the best for last and she destroyed two of our most expensive and unique designs. When I think of the whole incident,” Ellas nose crinkled and her face contoured in fury, “I feel like going over to her house and giving her a good whipping.”

“At least, she got a taste of her own medicine.” Denise grinned mischievously. They both got into Ellas car and sat for a while.

“Hmm... I wish I could just go home from here,” Ella sighed. “I dont think I have enough energy to receive any more offensive remarks. Thanks to you, I almost lost it in that room.”

“Youre welcome anytime dear. Now, give me the juice! You know Im terrible at waiting.” Denise gave her the puppy eyes.

Ella giggled. She opened her handbag and brought out a cheque which she waved in front of Denises face.

“What is that” She snatched the cheque from her hands and scanned it like a crime investigator working out a clue to a murder case.

“Ella!” She looked at her with a raised eyebrow and a baffled expression. “Where did you get this from Who gave this to you This is...” She lifted her right hand and started counting, “1,2,3...This is ten months of your salary and some extra.”

Ella smiled and gave her a rundown of all her encounter with Charles and Leon.

“You mean to tell me you sat beside the CEO of Treshvire fashions!” Denise half screamed with her mouth slightly opened and her eyes almost bulging out.

“I dont believe this!” Denise shook her head, “I am obviously in a dream! Someone pinch me!”

“ouch!... That hurts!” Denise winced in pain.

“I thought you said someone should pinch you,” Ella giggled until her eyes shimmered with tears.

“Oh, Ella! Im so happy for you!” Denise smiled animatedly. “I can already picture you walking down the runway with your models behind you, displaying your brand.”

“Aww! Thanks, dear.”

“You know, with the little resources you have, you can start up your brand. You dont need to wait any longer. Youve taken enough rubbish from Mr. Kyle and his company.”

Ella simply smiled.


“So What”

“When do you intend to call him This night Tomorrow night”

Ella raised an eyebrow. “Why does it have to be in the night, and why the hurry”

Ellas phone beeped and she saw a message from Silvia.

[Silvia: Where are you, Ella You should have been in the office like thirty minutes ago. I know Denise is with you. You both had better come down to the office, at this moment. There is a real problem that needs to be addressed right away.]

“Denise, we have to be in the office right now,” Ella looked worried as she started the car and zoomed off.

Back at the office, Mr. Frost was busy talking to someone over the phone while pacing around. He wore a horrific and frustrated look, like someone who had a combat knife placed on his throat. When he finished with his call, he stormed towards the creative department office. Everyone in the other sections secretly stared at him amidst whispers.

Mr. Frost had always been known for his calm and playful personality. Even at the highest provocation, he always found a way to calmly tell someone he or she was fired. Now, to see him in this mood, was like watching a scary movie.

When he entered the creative department office, he asked in a deep and angry voice, “where is Denise”

Everyone in the office was scared to answer. Silvia came out of her office and walked up to him. “She is on her way and will be at the office shortly. She texted me that she was slightly delayed.”

“Immediately she comes in, send her straight to my office,” He turned and was about to leave and then said, “and Ariella too. Send both of them to my office.” With that, he left briskly.

After a few minutes, Ariella and Denise stepped in and were met by the concerned faces of their colleagues. They felt Denise was to be crucified wrongly after the rumor of what happened had spread around. Some people were vengeful towards Chloe as they felt she was the reason for the tense atmosphere in the office.

Silvia, who had been on the alert, quickly came out of her office and instructed both of them to go straight to Mr. Frosts office. She didnt want anyone briefing them on what had just taken place. Hence, they wouldnt be prepared for whatever they were going to witness in Mr. Frosts office.

After her episode with Chloe, she was more furious with Ariella than with Denise for trying to ruin her friendship with Chloe. This friendship had taken her years to build back then in college. Deep down in Silvias malicious heart, she wanted Ariella and not Denise to suffer for Chloes embarrassment.

Denise and Ariella knocked and stepped into Mr. Frosts office. Denise stood in front of Ella intending to shield her from what was to come next.



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