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ADDICTION ~ Lee juyeon Lee hyunjae~ Cold As Ice But Hot As Fire!

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[Hyunjae Pov]

Staring at the screen as my hands were working on the controller. I wanted nothing but just to win this game. I have been playing since the morning and literally don care. I just wanna win so **ing bad. This was my chance, My husband was busy so I could finally win but thats what I thought. My eyes were fixed on the screen but the screen turned off. I looked around with angry eyes only to see my cold husband standing near the switch with his hands crossed over his chest.

Juyeon: My coffee?

Hyunjae: Get lost you, bastard, You ruined my game.

Juyeon: Well the game is not more important than your husband.

Hyunjae: As if I am very important to you.

I mumbled to myself and got up with madness in my eyes. I looked at juyeon who didn even care if I ate something from the morning or not.

I went to the kitchen and started talking to myself.

Hyunjae: Why the ** does he have to be so harsh. If only I could kill him, He thinks he can rule my life? Haha! In his dreams. He just thinks that hes cool and too hot. Well, he is hot but still, he shouldn be showing off.

Juyeon: Its true that Im hot.

I suddenly shook as I heard his deep voice near my ear. I ignored him and continued making coffee.

Juyeon: Make it strong.

Hyunjae: Should I add poison to it? It will be very strong then.

He just chuckled and trapped my waist in his muscular hands.

Hyunjae: Back off!

I softly pushed him but he turned me around, grabbed me by my waist and made me sit on the counter. Without saying a word, he smashed his lips on mine and grabbed my neck to deepen the kiss. I tried to break the kiss but he was strong and pushed me further in the kiss, I finally gave in to his kiss and I could feel his smirk. After minutes, he broke the kiss and looked into my eyes with love.

Juyeon: Baby, I know that Im not giving you time and you also know how much burden I have on me. I swear Ill plan a holiday soon just to spend time with you but baby please just wait.

Hyunjae: Thats what you said last month.

I pushed him and got off the counter but again he trapped me in his arms.

Hyunjae: Juyeon, just go to the office, you have a meeting today...You don want your deal with Mr Kang to finish right?

I looked at him and smiled softly but deep inside I wanted to kill, torture him so badly that he begs me to stop, I wanted to make him beg for mercy but I controlled myself. I looked down as tears started building up in my eyes.

Juyeon: Hyunie, Is it okay if I ask you to come to my office?

Hyunjae: I don wanna disturb you.

Juyeon: You won disturb me, baby.

He lifted my chin was about to kiss me but the bell rang.

I rushed to the door and opened it, I saw a delivery man.

Hyunjae: Uh yes?

D.Boy: Uhm, are you lee hyunjae?

Hyunjae: Uh yes.

I replied back with confusion.

D.Boy: This parcel is for you. Payment has already been paid.

I nodded and took the parcel from him.

Hyunjae: I didn order anything.

I asked myself if I ordered something or not and I didn .

Juyeon: I ordered it.

I looked at juyeon who was mixing his coffee.

Hyunjae: Then why did you give my name?

Juyeon: I thought I might be at the office soo...

He looked at me while taking a sip of his drink.

Hyunjae: Whatever.

I threw the parcel on the couch and went upstairs.


[On call]

Chanhee: But hyung, I thought juyeon was caring.

Hyunjae: Caring my foot.

I said sarcastic way and heard chanhee laughing.

Chanhee: So whens he gonna take you on a proper date.

Hyunjae: I don know and I don even have expectations now.

Chanhee again started laughing while I just smiled.

Chanhee: Hyung... I want you to be happy. Live your life without him ruling your life. This is the only time you can enjoy your life then youll get old.

He said the last line quickly but I caught it.


Chanhee: Okay okay, stop screaming.

I removed the phone from my ear and saw the time. SHIT!

Hyunjae: Yah I will call you later, juyeon can come any minute, bye!

I threw my phone on the bed and was rising down the stairs but missed a step.

OWWH! I screamed and held my foot in my hands caressing it slowly.

Hyunjae: Fuck it.

I was checking my foot and thats when I heard the main door opening.

Juyeon: HYUNJAE!

I heard him scream my name as he rushed towards me and kneeled down for me.

Juyeon: Baby are you okay? What happened? Is everything alright? How did this happen? Will you tell something to me?

I looked at him and looked into his eyes.

Hyunjae: I-i fell.

I looked down as I heard a sigh escaping his mouth.

Juyeon: Hyunjae... You aren a kid anymore. Does it hurt bad?

I nodded and he pecked my cheek.

Juyeon: Ok, lets try to get up.

He grabbed my right arm and my waist as I try my best to get up but failed.

Hyunjae: I think I broke my bone.

Juyeon: Wanna go to the doctor?

I shook my head as no while he softly looked at me. He gently picked me up in bridal style and walked towards our shared bedroom. He softly placed me on the bed and pecked my forehead.

Juyeon: Ill change and come.

I nodded as he left. I was worried if he had dinner or not. He came back wearing comfy clothes and sat next to me.

Hyunjae: Did you eat?

Juyeon: Yep, I had dinner with my employees.

He looked at me and smiled cutely. He started applying cream on his body as I just stared at his every move. He slowly got up from the bed and started walking towards me. He came near my face and licked my earlobe.

Juyeon: Happy Anniversary Babyboy.

He whispered in my ear and bought his lips towards mine.

Hyunjae: You remember?

Juyeon: Of course babyboy.

He whispered in a seductive tone and licked his lips.

Hyunjae: Awww... Lucky you can ** me tonight because my foot is broken.

Juyeon: So?

Hyunjae: What do you mean so?

Juyeon: If your leg is broken, that won stop me from **ing you.

Hyunjae: Shut up, Go to sleep.

Juyeon: Yes teddy bear.

He spoke his words and there himself beside me and hugged me from the side like a koala.

[After Two Month]

I was enjoying the cold winds while my eyes were closed and my brain was lost in its imagination. The cold breeze that was hitting my skin while I just relaxed and started thinking about him, the only one, My life partner Juyeon. I was missing him so much that I just wanted him right now. I opened my eyes and stared at the stars above me.

???: Stars at night shine so bright.

Someone sneaked his hands through my waist and I knew who it was.

Juyeon: So bright just like how you shine in my life. The wonder in our eyes from which even the galaxy is jealous. The body of ours that looks so hot under me.

He said his words as he bought his lips near my neck and started leaving a wet kiss on my neck.

Hyunjae: Daddy?

He stopped his actions and turned me around.

Juyeon: Yes Babyboy?

Hyunjae: Can I have you tonight?

He smirked and replied.

Juyeon: Thought youd never ask.

With that, he attacked my lips like a hungry wolf while I just calmly move my lips. His movements got harsher and within the time I moaned in pleasure as he inserted his warm tongue inside my mouth. I tried speaking but his tongue was taking the lead and won let me speak. I grabbed his neck with my left hand and clutched his hair with my right hand. We broke the kiss and started breathing heavily.

Juyeon: Baby~

I smiled at him while he tilted his head and stared at me. We were staring but I looked away when the cold wind hit my face. I looked at juyeon who was smiling brightly.

Juyeon: Its cold on the balcony.

I nodded and grabbed his hand and led him inside. He picked me up and adjusted my legs around his waist.

Juyeon: Ready for the night Babyboy~



Imagine the rest because I know you

e not that innocent.

And I will be writing a story about other the boyz members soon. Oneshot about each member!


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