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ADDICTION ~ Lee juyeon Lee hyunjae~ Together For A Night

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Today my best friend Hyunjae is getting married. Its an arranged marriage and he didn even see his future wife yet. I and hyunjae were dating for 4 years but broke up because we thought that our parents might ruin our friendship. Its been a year and three months since we broke up. His mother loves me like his own son and always invites me to family dinners.

I was helping hyunjaes dad to decorate the house and everything when I heard hyunjaes voice.

Hyunjae: Oh you came?

I turned around and pointed at myself and he nodded.

Juyeon: Ah yeah...

I scratched my back while he was only staring at me. I could see from his face that he was being forced to marry the girl. We both were staring at each other when hyunjaes mom came.

H/m: Hyunjae...This is your beloved future wife.

I looked at the girl who was standing in front of me and hyunjae. To be honest, she was very stunning.


I turned around when I caught my moms voice. She was standing with a girl who was.....I guess fine? She was nothing compared to juyeons beauty.

I glanced at juyeon who was looking at me while biting his lips.

Mom: Juyeon...Hows she?

Juyeon: Um...Shes p-per-perfect for hyunjae.

He stuttered and looked down.

Mom: Well Ill get her ready and get ready Hyunjae.

Hyun: Yes mom.

I waved at her turned back to juyeon.

Juyeon: Well congratulations friend...I hope you have an amazing life and I have to go so bye! Well talk someday later.

He smiled at me and left..... I turned to my dad who placed his hand on my shoulder.

Dad: Its Alright... I know you don want to get married so soon.

I nodded and went to my bedroom. I tried to control my tears from falling but they fell from my eyes like a waterfall. I covered my eyes and continued crying while remembering all the special moments I had with juyeon.

Hyunjae: Juyeon-ah!

I cried more loudly as I craved for him more.

[Time skip]

Its already afternoon and we have dinner with my In-laws today.

Dad: Hyunjae, if you don want to go its fine, I will tell them you suddenly got a fever.

Hyunjae: Its fine Dad, they might mind.

My dad smiled at me as I fake smiled backed and walked towards the door to leave with my parents. The whole ride was quiet but my mom broke the silence.

Mom: So hyunjae, Is Lia beautiful?

Hyunjae: I guess.

Mom: Oh don be shy, Just tell me, honey.

Hyunjae: Mom I don know.

I could see my dad stopping mom from making the conversation into a fight. Soon we arrived, I was looking at the mansion when a girl called my name. I looked behind me only to see lia running towards me. Seconds later I felt her in my embrace. She hugged me as tight as she could While my parents were just looking at us.

Mom: You two got close enough.

Lia: Aunty, Your son is way too handsome.

My mom chuckled while I just stared into space.

Dad: Hyunjae? You there?

I came back to reality when my dad snapped his fingers in front of me. I slowly pushed lia from myself and bowed at her.

Lia: Oh Hubby... Why are you bowing to me?

Hyunjae: Uh...Hubby?

lia: We will get married anyways so I can call you that.

Hyunjae: But we aren married yet.

I stared coldly into her eyes.

Mom: Anyways lets go.

Lia started walking as we just followed her. She opened the door to the mansion and went inside.

Lia: Mom, Dad, they are here!

She shouted as I just looked at my dad.

Hyunjae: Mom has such a weird choice.

I whispered into my dads ear meanwhile dad was trying to control his laugh.

[Time skip]

I was laying on my bed thinking about juyeon when I got a call. I stretched my hand towards the nightstand to grab my phone. I looked at the ID and it was juyeon.


Juyeon: Hey.

Hyunjae: Hi...How are you doing?

Juyeon: Fine but empty. You?

Hyunjae: Just want to be in your embrace.

I heard his chuckles.

Juyeon: Come outside.

Hyunjae: Huh?

Juyeon: Just come outside but from the window.


I looked over from my window and saw juyeon waving at me. I smiled brightly and helped him come to my room.

Juyeon: Missed you baby.

He kissed me as I replied. I could feel his lips turning into a smirk through the kiss. He passionately moved his lips as I sneaked my hands behind his neck and locked my hands to bring him close. *KNOCK KNOCK*. I heard a knock on my door as I pushed juyeon and looked at the door.

Mom: Hyunjae.

Hyunjae: Uh...Yes?

Mom: Open the door.

I grabbed juyeons hand and paused for a moment. I took him to the closet, locked him and opened the door for my mom.

Mom: What took you so long?

Hyunjae: I was changing clothes.

Mom: You are still wearing the same clothes hyunjae.

I looked down and realized that I was caught. I giggled as mom walked towards the closet. I ran towards her to prevent her from opening the door.

Hyunjae: What do you need mom?

Mom: I need to choose a suit for you for your engagement tomorrow.

Engagement tomorrow? My head lowered a bit as I stared at the ground.

[Juyeon Pov]

I could hear hyunjaes conversation but it felt like my heart stopped beating when I heard the word Engagement tomorrow. I was trying my best to control my tears and not to make any noise.

Hyunjae: Mom, We have plenty of time in the morning...We can do it later, pls leave right now, Im busy.

I heard him but his voice was cracking.

H/m: Okay, if you say so bye.

I heard the bedroom door close as hyunjae opened the closet. As soon as he opened the door, I fell on my knees as he came running towards me.

Hyunjae: Juyeon-ah! Stop crying.

How can I not cry right now?

Hyunjae hugged me and patted my back while I was still in shock.

Juyeon: Why didn you tell me?

Hyunjae: I also found out right now.

Juyeon: Baby!

I cried as I hugged his arms and lowered my head.

Hyunjae: Lets make this night unforgettable. Since its our last night together

I looked at hyunjae who was smiling with tears in his eyes. I slightly nodded and he helped me get up. He slowly caressed my cheek and left a small peck on my forehead. He slowly brought me to his bed and gently laid me down.

Juyeon: Hyunjae.

Hyunjae: Shhhh!

He took off his shirt and hovered above me.

Hyunjae: Ready baby?

I nodded as he bought his lips near my neck and started sucking like there was no tomorrow. I clutched his hair in my hands as he kept doing his work. He tasted very spot on my neck and slowly went to my collarbone.

[Author Pov]

Hyunjae took off juyeons shirt and sucked his collarbone and slowly went towards his abs. After having a taste of his abs, he looked into juyeons eyes and knew he wanted him so bad. He slowly reached his hand towards juyeons belt and unbuckled it.

Hyunjae: Take it off.

Juyeon took off his pants and watched hyunjae going down towards juyeons dick. Grabbing it in his hands he started jerking off with his dick. Soon he entered the whole dick in his mouth as juyeon just closed his eyes and felt his tongue around his dick.

The night went on like this. Juyeon and hyunjae slept in each others embrace.

[Juyeon Pov] [Morning]

I slowly opened my eyes as I felt pain between my legs. I looked over and saw hyunjaes dick inside me.

Juyeon: Did he sleep with his dick inside me?

I smiled and kissed hyunjaes forehead.

Hyunjae: Morning bub!

He said with his sleepy voice and looked at me with one of his eyes since sunlight was shining on him.

Juyeon: Morning baby.

I hugged him as he just cuddled in my neck. I let out a small giggle when he rubbed his nose with my neck. He looked at me and said.

Juyeon: You made the night unforgettable.

He brightly smiled and said.

Hyunjae: At least we were together for a night even if we aren for the rest of ur life. You will get married to a beautiful girl and I am getting married to a less beautiful girl than you.

I smiled but deep inside those words were stabbing in my heart.

Juyeon: Well I guess thats our future... Whats the time tho?

Hyunjae looked over at the nightstand.

Hyunjae: Uhm... noon.

Juyeon: Shit! Your engagements preparations.

Hyunjae looked at me confused.

Juyeon: Yesterday we didn complete the decorations so your father called me to come at 11.

Hyunjae: Umm...So?

I looked at him with my mouth hanging open.

Juyeon: Gosh Nevermind.

I got up and reached for my clothes.

Juyeon: Did you tear my shirt yesterday.

I looked at hyunjae who was smiling innocently. I wore my boxer and pants and went towards hyunjaes closet. I grabbed one of his favourite hoodies and left through the window while he just watched.

[Hyunjae Pov]

Did he just leave without any word?

I got up and wore comfortable clothes like shorts and a shirt. I went downstairs and saw my mom preparing breakfast. I went towards her but I heard the doorbell.

Mom: Go open it.

I went towards the door to open it and saw juyeon.

Hyunjae: Oh you

e back?

Juyeon: Get aside... my knees hurt because you were **ing me from the back.

He pushed me with his shoulder and walked to my dad.

Juyeon: Anneong uncle.

Dad: Ah you

e here.

Juyeon: Sorry I came late, I was busy with my brother since he had a lot of files to complete, so I helped him and woke up late this morning.

Dad: Its alright. If you didn come, the groom had to decorate by himself.

I sighed and went to my mom.

Mom: Juyeon-ah, come to have breakfast.

Juyeon: Uh..no aunty you guys enjoy.

Dad: Oh come on.

My dad pulled juyeon and made him sit beside me. I looked at juyeon who was holding his knees. I was trying my best to control my laugh.

Mom: what happened hyunjae?

Hyunjae: Ah nothing mom.

Juyeon eyed me up and down as I grabbed the fork to have my favourite breakfast.

Hyunjae: Pancakes!.

Mom: Juyeon aren pancakes your favourite?

He nodded and he started eating. I grabbed the chocolate syrup and poured some on his pancakes. He looked at me with a smile.

Hyunjae: I just wanna see you smile like this your whole life.

Juyeon: How will I smile like this my whole life when my whole life is getting taken away from me.

We both stared into each others eyes and there was silence.

Dad: So... Juyeon how is sangyeon?

Juyeon looked dad and replied.

Juyeon: He is fine, just have a lot of a burden because you know, being a CEO isn easy.

Dad nodded as mom spoke.

Mom: I miss that child. will he be coming?

Juyeon: Yep he will be coming.

Mom: Oh great. We just want this engagement to be simple and in our family. The Chois family and us and your family. We are all a family, right?

Juyeon nodded and looked at dad.

Juyeon: So uncle... Was your marriage loved or arranged?

Dad: Hahaha! Love marriage.

I looked at dad who was smiling while looking at mom.

Juyeon: I wish my parents had romantic chemistry just like you guys.

Mom blushed and dad just laughed.

Juyeon: Mom doesn care about anything and just wants to be happy herself and dads always busy and out of the country, I only have sangyeon and you guys.

Hyunjae: So juyeon...are you thinking about getting married?

He looked at me and smirked.

Juyeon: Nope...Ill live my life and then married in my 30s or 40s.

Mom laughed and looked at me while I was looking at mom in disbelief.

Mom: Okay okay, Wrap it up, we don have much time.

Dad: Yes... Juyeon hurry up lets help the workers with decoration and then you can go to get ready.

Juyeon smiled and nodded.

[Time skip]

The maid was fixing my tie as I just stared into space.

Maid: You

e done, sir.

I came back to reality and nodded as she bowed and left. Mom came in and was looking so beautiful as well as surprised to see me.

Mom: Oh my! My son is looking so handsome today.

Dad: Your son was always handsome.

I saw dad coming in my door with wide arms ready to hug me. I hugged dad and looked at mom.

Hyunjae: Are we done?

Mom nodded and said.

Mom: Guests are about to come, food is ready, decorations are done.

Hyunjae: Juyeon?

Dad: He said he won be coming and also left a bit early because he got a call from sanyeons assistant.

Hyunjae: What do you mean?

I backed off as I couldn believe the words that just left dads mouth.

Mom: I know best friends are special but honey, juyeon had an emergency.

I looked down and just stared at the floor thinking about juyeon. The doorbell rang and mom and dad rushed to open the door.

Mom: Oh Mr Choi and Mrs Choi, welcome.

I sought from the second floor and saw my In-Laws coming and unexpectedly my eyes fell on lia. She was looking beautiful, She was wearing a blue simple dress with white heels and a white butterfly pin in her hair. I looked away and went back to my room. I tried calling juyeon but he didn pick up.

[Juyeon Pov]

Sangyeon: Juyeon come out! For the past 2 hours, youve locked yourself in your room.

I heard my brother as he banged on my door.

Sangyeon: Juyeon, I know hyunjae is important to you but don give up. You forgot your phone outside and got 30 missed calls from hyunjae.

My eyes widen as I opened the door and took my phone and called hyunjae.

[On call]

Hyunjae: Wahh Look who picked up... You bastard, you jerk, you asshole, you left me alone and didn even pick my calls? Do you have a brain? Before leaving, you couldve come to my room and said goodbye but didn and left without a word. I know I am getting married but that doesn mean that you will leave me forever.

Juyeon: Hyunjae...I know I left without a word but Im just scared. Scared that you will forget me after you get married.


[Call Ended]

I looked at my phone and felt a hand on my shoulder.

Sangyeon: Go get ready... Don be scared, I know you love hyunjae like a lover and would do anything for him so nows the time. Go and express your love and show the whole world that you love hyunjae.

I hugged my brother and said.

Juyeon: Hyunjaes mother wanted to see you.

Sangyeon: Me?

I nodded as he looked at me.

Sangyeon: Well what are we waiting for? GET READY!

He shouted as I pushed him outside and locked the door to change my clothes. I wore a black suit and went outside.

Sangyeon: Done?

I nodded and we left.

[Hyunjae Pov]

I was sitting beside lia still waiting for juyeon to show up and thats when the main door opened revealing Sangyeon and Juyeon walking towards us.

Sangyeon: Good morning.

He said as he bowed but juyeon was standing straight. Sangyeon kicked juyeon and told him to bow. Juyeon bend down and bowed.

Mom: Oh you

e here. Let me introduce you to Lee sangyeon and lee juyeon.

She said while turning to my In-Laws. They looked at them and were surprised to see their handsomeness.

Ms Choi: I must say they both are very handsome.

Juyeon smiled as sangyeon giggled.

Mom: Sangyeon how were you? So many months passed and I didn see you.

Sangyeon: Uh aunty, I was just very busy with the office work and everything.

Mom: Ohh well sit down.

Juyeon and sangyeon sat in front of my In-Laws.

Mr Choi: So juyeon, what do you do?

Juyeon: Right now nothing but Ill be handling the company which my dad owns.

Mrs Choi: Hmm...Impressive... And sangyeon you?

Sangyeon: I am handling the company that my mom left.

Mr Choi: You both have different companies?

He asked with wide eyes as juyeon nodded.


Juyeon looked at me and signalled me to come to my bedroom.

Juyeon: Umm... Ill use the washroom.

He got p and bowed then left.

Hyunjae: Uh...Mom, Can I take off this tie, its irritating me.

Mom nodded and I walked to my bedroom. I entered my room and as juyeon sitting on my bed.

Hyunjae: You mother**ing creature... I swear I wanna tear you apart right now and I want to just kill you with my own hands. Do you how much I-

My words got cut by a sudden kiss on my lips.

Juyeon: I know baby, You can tear me part however you want but I can keep it more.

I looked at him confused as he held my chin.

Juyeon: Its time to tell your parents about our love. Its now or never.

I looked at him and bit my lower lip.

Juyeon: Hmm?

I nodded as he smiled then kissed me as my lips melted in his mouth.

Hyunjae: Lets go.

I told him and he placed a peck on my neck.

I went downstairs with juyeon following me.

Hyunjae: Mom, Dad and everyone...I want to tell you something important.

Mom: What is it, honey?

Hyunjae: Mom I am not doing this engagement.

Everyone looked shocked while sangyeon smiled. Mom came towards me and spoke.

Mom: What are you saying Hyunjae.

She held my held but I removed it.

Hyunjae: I don love lia and I don wanna get married to her...I don know why you don understand but I want to spend my life with someone I love not with a person whom I don even know. I am proudly telling you that I am gay.

I looked at mom whose eyes were fixed on me but soon she slapped me.

Juyeon: Aunty I am the one who loves hyunjae...I was the one who made him fall in love with me. Its not hyunjaes fault.

Sangyeon: And aunty, Believe me, or not but after they both broke up, Juyeon attempted suicide but he couldn do it because I was there but then he also cutted his wrist. A person can do anything for his love, right? Now if you look at your own life, You had a love marriage so doesn your one and only son deserves a love marriage.

I was staring at sangyeon while he was speaking. Mom turned to him and spoke.

Mom: My son is gay and I know it, and I also support him.


Juyeon: But aunty you just slapped Hyunjae when he said he is gay.

Mom: Haha... I just slapped him because I was angry that why didn he tell me this a year ago before you broke up.

Hyunjae: So you

e fine with us dating.

Dad: Of course.

Juyeon: But what about lia?

Dad: Lia is my bestfriends daughter and she already has a boyfriend. We just wanted you to reveal your relationship so she helped.

Mr Choi: And I am just your dads project partner and she is your moms best friend.

I looked at Mrs Choi who was smiling.

Juyeon: So this was all just a-

Mom: Act!.

I smiled and looked at juyeon.

Lia: And sit here both of you.

She said while getting up from the sofa where I had to get engaged. She went towards the kitchen and bought something. They were two rings boxes. She gave one box to me and one to juyeon.

Lia: So Mr Juyeon... Do you accept Hyunjae as your beloved partner for the rest of your life?

He looked at me confused as I smiled in shock.

Juyeon: Yes I do.

Lia: Well then the ring.

He looked at his box and opened it revealing a silver ring with something written on it. He took my hand and slid my finger in the ring, I took a view of the ring and JUYEON was written on it.

Lia: And Mr hyunjae, Do you accept Juyeon?

I nodded as I took juyeons hand and slid in the ring on which HYUNJAE was written.

Lia: Now you may kiss.

Juyeon: Ah, well do that later.

He said as he blushed.




Im gonna cry! This was so lovely...OH MY GOD!

Well, anyways I hope you like it! Next chapter next week!

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