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[Hyunjae Pov]

Quietly eating dinner with my family, I glanced at the clock and got up.

Hyunjae: Im done Mom, I will get going.

Mom: But hyunjae, wait for us, sweety.

Hyunjae: Mom you know I have so many files to complete.

Step-dad: But son...We invited you for a family dinner.

Hyunjae: Family dinner doesn mean that you have to wait for everyone to eat.

Mom: Hyunjae! Sit down!

Without saying a word I again sat down on my chair and threw my head back.

Juyeon: Mom! So when are you planning to marry dad?

I looked at juyeon who just called my mom his mom.

Hyunjae: First of all, a little correction, STEPMOM!

Mom: Hyunjae be quiet, after we get married, he will be your brother so he has all rights to call me his mom.

Hyunjae: Well you aren married yet so.....

Step-Dad: And yes hyunjae, since you are the oldest and have lees company, we are going to get you engaged.

My eyes shot opened right after I heard the word Engaged

Juyeon: What the hell Dad! Hyunjae is not getting married to anyone!

I looked at juyeon who was looking at me with lust... WHAT A FREAK!

Mom: And why not?

Juyeon: As being a younger brother, I will decide whom he will get married to.

Hyunjae: Umm.....Aren olders suppose to do that!

Juyeon: Im the Dom so shut up.

What the hell! I looked at him and mouthed Fuck you

He just smiled and looked back at mom.

Mom: What do you mean dom?

Hyunjae: He meant that umm..uh...he is more intelligent and knows more about these things...Mom you know I have no interest in relationships.

Juyeon kicked me while I just rubbed my leg that just got kicked.

Hyunjae: We will get going, bye mom and umm dad.

I dragged juyeon with me to my car.

Juyeon: What happened baby?

Hyunjae: You asshole...Why did you say Dom?

Juyeon: So? Its true that Im the dom.

Hyunjae: Juyeon its not about that. Mom and dad are the problem. You know they will never accept us together. Mom hates gays and lesbians.

Juyeon: Baby... Love isn about what gender you love.

He softly cupped my face and stared into my eyes.

Hyunjae: Lets get going.

[Time skip] [Morning]

I was peacefully sleeping when someone started jumping on me.

Juyeon: Wake up~

He started singing...Oh gosh not again!

Juyeon: Do you wanna build a snowman?

Hyunjae: Its not snowing outside.

Juyeon: Oh right. Do you wanna eat breakfast?

Hyunjae: Lemme sleep!

I looked at him with sleepy eyes.

Hyunjae: Did you have breakfast?

Juyeon: Nope, I was waiting for you.

I squinted my eyes and he poked my cheeks. I removed the cream from juyeons lips.

Hyunjae: Hmm...Lying to me?

Juyeon: I was hungry... Of course, I couldn eat you.

Hyunjae: You eat me multiple times in a day!

Juyeon: Hehet..Okay, get up!

He pulled me to get up.

Juyeon: And please don be so harsh to me in front of mom and dad.

I nodded and went to the washroom to take a bath.

Minutes later I heard juyeons voice.

Juyeon: Can I join?

Hyunjae: Won do anything naughty right?

I screamed from the washroom

Juyeon: Nope I promise.

As usual, he always says that but I end up giving him a blowjob. I opened the door waiting for him to enter.

[Time skip]

I was getting ready to go to the company as well as juyeon. I still have no idea why mom made juyeon my right hand and assistant.

Juyeon: You ready?

He sneaked his hands towards my waist and grabbed my waist tightly while back hugged.

Hyunjae: Is your dick getting big day by day or what?

Juyeon just giggled and looked at me through the mirror.

Juyeon: Lets go!


Juyeon: You have a meeting with the jungs in 10 mins

I nodded and continued to check the files.

Juyeon: Baby...Im bored!

Hyunjae: Go and do the work I gave you yesterday.

Juyeon: Nevermind. We have a meeting so lets just go.

We both walked out of my office and walked to the meeting room. We entered and saw the jungs and their assistant which I hate the most in this world. She flirts with me whenever she sees me. As I was eyeing them all, they got up and greeted me.

Mr Jung: Welcome Mr. lee.

I bowed down and went to sit in my place as juyeon sat beside me.

Mr Jung: So about the new project.

Hyunjae: Ah yes... Juyeon, you

e presenting.

I looked at juyeon who pointed at himself as I just nodded. He got up with his files and turned on the projector.

Juyeon: The new project that The Lees and the Jungs are holding is about The Marketing Plan...A marketing strategy should be in place for any company. And, for presentations to customers, employees, and other executives, the marketing strategy is an important business topic. The public is told by a marketing presentation about your company. This design is great for those interested in submitting their marketing plan.

He bowed down and sat beside.

Hyunjae: Thank you Mr juyeon... Next Lia pls.

Lia got up as I eyed her up and down and then when I felt a slap on my tight. I saw juyeon looking at me in disbelief. I mouthed What? and he replied back by mouthing stop looking at her. I rolled my eyes and focused on Lias presentation.

[Time skip]

[Juyeon Pov]

I was walking down the corridor when someone called my name. That voice was very familiar. I turned around only to encounter Younghoon, My best friend.

Juyeon: Buddy!

I said running towards him and hugging him as if he was a soft teddy bear.

Younghoon: Missed me Ju?

Juyeon: A lot!

I was still hugging but stopped when I heard a cough. I looked over to see hyunjae looking at me while poking his cheeks with his tongue. I ignored him and decided to make hyunjae jealous.

Juyeon: So found any girlfriend?

Younghoon: Nah! Boys are more interesting now.

I broke the hug and stared into younghoons eyes.

Juyeon: Ohhh... I wish I could date you, Hyunjae is boring anyway. He can even give a perfect blowjob. I mean why is he even my boyfriend.

Younghoon: Oh... Hyunjae is a perfect man himself... Shut up before I steal him.

Hyunjae: Uhm!

We both looked at hyunjae was standing with his hands crossed and tapping his feet to the ground.

Juyeon: Hehe, Baby I was just joking.

I hugged him but he didn respond back.

Juyeon: Baby! Im sorry.

Younghoon: Ill get going, Ill call later.

Hyunjae nodded to him but still didn say a word to me.

Hyunjae: Get lost!


And that was how his mood was the whole day but I made it up for him. The night went pretty long than expected.




Lol, I hope you guys like it. I was offline for a month because of my exams but nvm Im back!

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