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My older brother screamed from downstairs.

Juyeon: Just 5 mins.

Sangyeon: Its already been so late...I don want to be scolded.

Juyeon: Ugh! Coming

I screamed and threw my blanket away from me. I did my morning routine and wore my school uniform. I grabbed my phone and bag and rushed downstairs. I don do breakfast because I sometimes end up vomiting.

Sangyeon: Hurry up!

Juyeon: Okay..stop yelling.


After reaching the school, sangyeon joined his friends who were waiting for him. I was known as the nerd in our school because I wasn interested in romance or relationships and I only used to focus on studies but still many girls drool over me. I had many friends but I only trusted two; Eric and Haknyeon. I was walking through the corridor, I saw my enemy hyunjae sitting with his friends. I ignored them and started walking fast when I was called. I turned around only to see hyunjae smirking in front of me. He hung his bag on his shoulder as he spoke.

Hyunjae: Late?

Juyeon: So?

Hyunjae: Nothing.....and Mr Park is not coming today.

Juyeon: Okay thanks.

Our second lecture was over and I was putting my books in my bag when my eyes fell on hyunjae who was sitting in front of me leaving two rows. He was staring at me while drinking water probably showing off his neck. I sighed and was about to leave when the teacher came in.

Teacher: Students....Well be having online classes because there have been many Covid cases around so stay safe.

All the class got happy but I was not an online class student because I never got fresh whenever I took online classes. I bowed to the teacher and left for the other class. I was putting my books in my locker when haknyeon ran towards me.

Hak: Erics throwing a party wanna come/

I nodded as a

o and haknyeon starting sulking.

Hak: Come on hyung...you never come to any party and don tell me that you have work to do because the teacher didn give any.

Juyeon: But still...Sangyeon hyung won let me.

Sunwoo: Well take care of sangyeon hyung..just say if you

e in or not.

I looked behind me when I felt an arm on my shoulder and heard someone speaking near my ear.

Juyeon: Look I don know.

Sunwoo made a cute pout and acted cutely.

Juyeon: You

e not looking cute.

He hit my elbow and looked away. The bell rang and haknyeon grabbed my arm.

Hak: Coming or not?

Juyeon: Okay I will....lets go before we get late.

We three started walking towards our class.


Juyeon entered with his friends. He looked so damn hot with his hand in his pocket and bag hung around his arm.

Younghoon: Oooooo...Juyeon came.

He teased me and I hit his head.

Younghoon: Yah! Im older.

I pointed at the board where the teacher was explaining and he stuck out his tongue. Juyeon passed by me and sat behind me. I looked behind and our eyes met. He raised his eyebrow and took out his book.

[20 Mins Later]

Teacher: Okay class, thats it for today. I hope you enjoy and take care.

Hyunjae: Finally!

I stretched my arms but it hit juyeons head.

Hyunjae: Oh sorry.

Juyeon: No problem.

He said emotionless and that hurts. I packed my bag and left the class with younghoon when eric ran to us.

Eric: Party tonight..coming?

Younghoon looked at me, then spoke.

Younghoon: Nope...have fun!

He grabbed my arm but I stopped him.

Hyunjae: Who else is coming.

Eric: Umm...Haknyeon, sunwoo, Jacob, Kevin, new, Changmin and juyeon.

Hyunjae: Wait juyeons coming?

Eric: Yes.

Hyunjae: We

e in.

Younghoon: Well...okay.

He smiled and eric got happy.

Eric: K see ya tonight bye!

We waved at each other and left.

[Time skip; 10:35]

I was waiting for younghoon to pick me up since my older brother took my car. I saw a black car coming and I knew it was younghoon.

Younghoon: Hurry!

I sat on the passengers seat and we drove off. Soon we reached Erics house. Music could be heard from a mile.

Younghoon: What the-

Hyunjae: So loud.

We got out of the car and called eric to come outside. He came outside with Kevin.

Eric: Oh you

e here...Follow me.

We followed him inside and my eyes fell right on juyeon. He wore a tight yellow shirt with black leather jeans. Who the hell said hes a nerd duh! He was sitting and drinking when a girl approached him. She grabbed him by his collar and pulled him towards her. He removed her hand which eased me.

Younghoon: Why are you staring at him?

He shouted through the loud music.

Hyunjae: Shut up..lets go.

I started walking towards juyeon and younghoon followed me.


I was sitting when two men approached me. I looked up only to encounter hyunjae and younghoon. I was staring at hyunjae when eric came towards us and said.

Eric: After 5 mins Ill tell everyone to leave so that our group can play okay?

I nodded and they both also agreed. Younghoon sat beside me and hyunjae sat on my other side. Moments later Eric told everyone to leave , after they all left Eric came to us.

Eric: K lets play.

We all gathered and sat in a circle. How we all sat:






Eric got a bottle from his fridge and spun it, It landed on Sunwoo.

Eric: Truth or dare?

Sunwoo: Uhhh...Truth?

Eric: You have feelings for haknyeon right?

Sunwoo: What the hell , how did-

Eric: Just say it.

Sunwoo: I-i okay I do.

Everyone was surprised after hearing him. Haknyeon looked at sunwoo with wide eyes(SUNHAK FOREVER). Haknyeon placed a small peck on sunwoos cheek making him blush so hard that he couldn even hide his face.

Eric: Ok next.

Kevin spun the bottle next and it landed on Changmin. Kevin smirked.

Kevin: Younghoon or New?

Changmin: You didn even ask truth or dare.

Kevin: Okay, truth or dare?

Changmin: Truth!

Kevin: I knew you would choose truth...Okay so name the worst kisser in this room.

Changmin: Look I don actually know but I think Sunwoo.

Jacob: Sunwoo is a rapper and rappers are french kissers.

Sunwoo: You

e saying that Im bad because you probably didn kiss me.

Hyunjae: Kiss him!

Everyone started shouting for sunwoo to kiss Changmin.


Kevin: No fun well next.

Kevin handed me the bottle and I spun it, unexpectedly it landed on me.

Younghoon: Oooooo.

Hyunjae: Truth or dare?

I gulped and answered back.

Juyeon: Dare.

They got happy while hyunjae just smirked.

Eric: Seven minutes in heaven with anyone here.

Juyeon: Excuse me! Im not doing that.

New: Whyyyy?

Juyeon: I didn come here for this **.

Haknyeon: Well if you

e not gonna choose then we will... Go to that bedroom with hyunjae.


Hyunjae: Its okay don be shy.

Hyunjae got up and pulled me by my shirt.

Sunwoo: Have fun!

He waved at me while smiling while I whined.

Juyeon: Haknyeon...I swear I won leave you.

Haknyeon: Well only if you

e able to run after me.

I glared at him and hyunjae dragged me to the room.



Smut in next chapter :)

Stay safe! BYE

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