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ADDICTION ~ Lee juyeon Lee hyunjae~ Can't Stop Thinking About Him

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[Juyeon POV]

It was a Tuesday evening I was leaning on my couch with some of my friends that were busy talking about stuff while my mind was thinking about someone.

I saw a boy in front of my Moms company when I visited her and we made eye contact. He was very handsome and looked very innocent on his face. He was in a suit so he was probably a businessman. Well, I couldn just approach him to ask his name, that wouldve been weird.

I got up from the couch, wore my jacket, and headed out, leaving my friends dumbfounded. I might see that guy again in front of moms company so I hurried there. I stood outside the company but he wasn to be found. Well, I guess I was wrong. I went inside to meet my mom but the receptionist told me she was in a meeting, I still went inside the room in which she was having a meeting.

I opened the door revealing some people inside the room I looked at mom and she smiled.

Mom: Hes my son Juyeon. He is the one I was talking about and will be handling the company after some months.

They all smiled at me and I bowed to show respect.

Mom: Oh come in Juyeon, You can sit and be a part of the meeting.

I quietly sat down near some girl who was getting really touchy with me but never mind, As if I was any interested in her duh!

I looked in front of me to meet those glorious and breathtaking eyes once again. It was him, the guy from yesterday, the guy I liked! NO WAY! I was screaming internally but kept a serious face. THAT GUY WAS IN FRONT OF MY DAMN EYES!???!

He suddenly looked up from the files he was looking at and made eye contact with me but I looked away immediately. Of course, he noticed I was staring at him. He looked away and my eyes followed his face once again but he was smirking.

The meeting ended and my mom stood up to say something.

Mom: Thanks to all of you to join me today in this meeting and I hope Mr Hyunjae that you would want to be a part of our company and work with juyeon.

Hyunjae who?

I saw the guy in front of me smile at my mom. HE WAS HYUNJAE? NICE NOW I KNOW HIS NAME!

Hyunjae: Well Ive already made up my mind Mrs lee. And I do want my company and juyeons company to work together and hold events.


Mom: Im glad Mr Hyunjae. What do you say juyeon?

Juyeon: Uhm Well yeah its good that you made up your mind for joining our company!

I awkwardly smiled and everyone saw it. Embarrassing!!

Hyunjae: Thank you Juyeon or should I say Mr Lee juyeon?

I stared at him for a hot minute.

Juyeon: It will be Lee juyeon only.

Hyunjae: Well since we are one now lets not be that formal.

Juyeon: Sure!

He reached out his hand for me to shake and I nervously gave in my hands in his. And a pretty smile escaped his face.


[Hyunjaes POV] [Hyunjaes Mansion]

Hyunjae: Hmm Lee juyeon. Such a pretty name for a guy.

I spoke to myself as I poured some tea for myself to refresh.

He kept on roaming around in my mind as if it was something I want to have. This was the first time something like this actually happened to me.

Was I falling for a guy with whom I work now? But not gonna lie, he was hella pretty to be real. He had a deep voice and his eyes had pure love in them. He was looking so handsome today with those ripped jeans and a tight black shirt which showed his thick chest and the fact that I have the same jacket he has.


I slapped myself two times to get back to my senses. What kind of spell did he do on me?

I shrugged my shoulders and went upstairs to take a bath after I finish my tea.

[NEXT WEEK] [Juyeon POV]

I was in the company because Mom had to prepare an event for tomorrow. I was sitting in her cabinet when I got a call from the receptionist on the office phone.

Juyeon: Yes?

Receptionist: Good Morning sir, Madam told me to tell you that Mr hyunjae will be visiting right now to discuss tomorrows event but she isn here, she told me to ask you to do it.

Juyeon: Me? Talk with Mr Hyunjae?

Receptionist: Yes sir.

Juyeon: Fine!

Moments later The door opened revealing hyunjae. Dang it, he looked more handsome today with his bangs on one side and his wearing a black suit with a black long coat.

Hyunjae: Good morning Mr staring at me because he thinks Im handsome.

I looked at him and realised he caught me staring at me but I laughed and scoffed loudly.

Juyeon: You? Handsome? I would rather die than think that.

I grabbed the drink beside me and started chugging it.

Hyunjae: You should drink slowly if you want a chance to date me before you die.

I nodded and put away the drink but thats when the realization hit me. I FELL INTO HIS TRAP!

Hyunjae laughed and came closer to sit down in front of me.

Hyunjae: So you do wanna date me huh?

Juyeon: Ew no!

Hyunjae: Oh really? As if I didn just see you nodding.

Juyeon: Just discuss the things you are here for then leave.

Hyunjae: Im not here to discuss anything. Just here to spend time with you since your overprotective MOM is not here.

He smiled at me but I didn move.

Juyeon: What?

Hyunjae: You dumb?

Juyeon: No

Hyunjae: Then? Got hit by a toy car on your brain when born?

Juyeon: Hmm don remember.

Hyunjae just stared at my face with an open mouth looking at me in disbelief.

[7 MONTHS LATER] [Hyunjae POV]

Hyunjae: And this was it. I hope you all understood and I don want any mistakes in this project like how you ruined the last one and we didn get the deal.

I smiled and walked out of the meeting room and making my way to my cabinet while fixing my tie.

I opened the door and my eyes fell straight on my boyfriend who was fast asleep on my desk.

Hyunjae: Wake up Sunshine!

I tried moving him but he didn budge. Of course, he does this every time.

Hyunjae: Ill take you to In N Out if you get up.

And with that, he quickly got up and fixed his clothes.

Juyeon: Yes sir!

I smiled and watched him go towards the sofa. CUTE! The door opened and my secretary came in and was about to say something but stopped when she saw juyeon. She signalled me to come out to talk and I went outside.

Secretary: Sir Heres what you requested, you can be there till 6.

Hyunjae: Thank you, Mrs Yoon.

She smiled and gave me a file and made her way to her cabinet.

[TIME SKIP--------- 6:05]

I opened his eyes with my hands and showed him the view in front of us.

[Juyeons POV]

Hyunjae removed his hands from my eyes and I was shocked to see the view in front of me. It was a date I guess but in a more romantic way.

There was a dinner table in front of me and a waterfall beside it with many flowers scattered on the ground and a big Happy 8th Month Anniversary.

I turned to hyunjae and he hugged me while tears were flowing from my eyes...This was so cute!

He swiped away my tears and attached his lips to mine to share a wonderful and glamorous moment today!




I had no ideas in my mind...SORRY!!!

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