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ADDICTION ~ Lee juyeon Lee hyunjae~ Was He Jealous?

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[Juyeon POV]

As I was jumping on my bed because of excitement, my room door opened. I looked and stopped all my actions.

Juyeon: Yes Younghoon?

Younghoon: Hyunjae is calling for dinner.

I nodded my head and settled my bed before heading downstairs. I was leaping and thats when my feet slipped. I closed my eyes shut and grabbed something. I felt a pair of hands around my waist. I opened my eyes and saw hyunjae smiling.

Hyunjae: Careful baby, don wanna lose you.

He whispered in my ear, I gave him a small peck on his cheek and he took me to the dining table.

Sangyeon: Why are you so happy?

Juyeon: I got selected as the Artist of the Month

Sangyeon gave me a cheerful smile. My group members know that hyunjae and I are dating and they support us all. We are dating privately because we don want there to be fan wars since being an idol and dating your own group member is way too difficult.

Chanhee: We have a fan sign event today after 2 hours and the manager said that come to the company in an hour.

We all nodded and started eating.

[Time skip]

We were sitting in front of theB(fans) waiting for the event to start as one by one all the fans started to come towards us. We signed their cards and had a 3 min talk with them and then the other person came. I saw many fanboys today as well, mostly its thousands of girls.

[Hyunjae POV]

I just finished talking with our fan as my eyes fell on the boy that was in front of juyeon, not gonna lie he was kinda handsome. He was smiling and talking with juyeon while touching his hands, fixing his bangs and then making a heart with him. I felt a fire inside me watching juyeon so happy with him.

We were done with the fan sign and now we just had to sing and leave. I was staring at the floor but heard juyeons voice speaking on his mic.

Juyeon: It was so amazing to meet theB after so long, the covid pandemic made us miss you all so much, I hope you all had fun and it was nice getting to know all of you and today I actually met an amazing person named jack.

He pointed at the same boy from earlier in the crowd and thats it I lost my control.

Juyeon: Which song do you want us to sing for all of yo- [beeps]

I grabbed his arm causing him to drop his mic, he looked at me in shock but noticed my fierce full eyes and stayed quiet. I dragged him backstage and lead him to the mens restroom.

Hyunjae: You like messing with me huh?

I locked the door and turned around.

Juyeon: What do you mean?

Hyunjae: Juyeon why was that boy so clingy to you. You were smiling so happy with him, he touched you and you said nothing.

Juyeon: Hyunjae, he is just a fan, what is wrong with you?

Hyunjae: Right.

I walked towards him grabbing his neck as he looked at me without any fear.

Hyunjae: Looks like you forgot who I am huh?

He shook his head as a no, a smirk plastered on my lips.

Hyunjae: Good puppy. Now listen to daddy and take off your jeans.

I could feel him gulping as I removed my hand and he started unbuckling his pants. Taking them off as I lowered my pants and made him face the mirror while helping him be balanced on the counter.

Hyunjae: Ready Puppy?

[Authors POV]

Before juyeon could answer, hyunjae smashed his big veiny dick inside juyeons tight hole. A sinful moan escaped Juyeons mouth. Hyunjae grabbed his subs waist and started thrusting faster. Juyeons eyes closed, moans escaping his mouth, feeling the pleasure as he slightly spoke while stuttering.

Juyeon: Daddy, They might hear us.

Hyunjae: Let them.

With that, he going at an insane speed. Feeling all his length inside him he finally came. Juyeon grabbed the counter and started breathing heavily as hyunjae took out his dick.

Hyunjae: Don think we

e done.

Juyeon: But daddy-

Hyunjae: Shhhh...Just do as I say. Kneel!

He commanded as juyeon obeyed immediately, kneeling down on his knees, looking up in front of him was hyunjaes waist and his dick waiting to be in his mouth.

Slowly grabbing his dick as he gave small kisses before taking the whole thing in his mouth. Bobbing his head back and forth, he could hear hyunjaes groans and moans.

Hyunjae: Ugh! Good boy, pleasure daddy just like that.

Hyunjaes head fell back as his eyes shut tight, just feeling his couth around his dick. Hyunjae grabbed juyeons hair and started to throw his head with more force making juyeon gag as it hurt his throat. Two or three tears fell from juyeons eyes while hyunjae made him gag on his dick.

Hyunjae: Daddys coming.

Saying that he released his cums in juyeons mouth as he swallowed all of it and hyunjae looked at him with proud eyes.

Hyunjae: You did great babyboy.

Juyeon: Im sorry, I didn have any intentions to make you jealous.

Hyunjae just smiled and cleaned me up.

[Time Skip]

Juyeon: Ahhhh...Fuck you, it hurts.

Hyunjae: WHAT? Its not my fault that we had it after months.

Juyeon: My legs are dead and so are you.

Saying that he tried to run after hyunjae but ended up falling. Hyunjae just laughed.

Hyunjae: Im sorry honey bear, Ill be soft next time.

Juyeon: Fuck off!

He shouted while hyunjae just hugged him and got him in his embrace.

Hyunjae: Ill make you feel pleasure again soon.




HAHA! I don know why I was offline for a month but anyways here you go! Hope you enjoyed :) I just got an idea in my mind and wrote...I sometimes just hate my mind! Bye Bye~

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