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42.1  The Worst Development

Demon King castle, the residential area of the night elves―― In the innermost part of their underground prison, a pair of night elves were standing in front of a metal door with a restless look on their face.

One of them, the man, was chewing his thumbnail with a worried look on his face.

He was the chief of the interrogation prison, Shidar To Vasanisti.

Shidar was 130 years old this year.

You could say that he was at the prime age for a night elf who could live up to 250 years.

He was a man of talent with lack of demerit, a man who established his reputation as a sly and stubborn man among the night elves, he never committed a blunder or something akin to a blunder, those factors solidified his reputation among the night elves.

And yet, today might mark the end of his career―― Reason being the prince of the demon race decided to stay in the 『Noble Room』 to “Enjoy” the saint of the high-elf.

The 7th Demon King’s Child, Jilbagias.

The person who chooses to let out his carnal pleasure on the high-elf of all other options.

(Even though that brat is still five years old, he noticed such useless things…!)

Shidar cursed wholeheartedly in his heart while staring at the iron door before him.

(Just come out already! How can a virgin take this long!)

After he thought so, he felt nauseated after imagining the immoral act that might happen beyond the metal door.

For the night elf who held contempt toward forest elf, the latter was akin to filthy slug to the former.

Even when they enjoyed the sight of the forest elves writhin in pain from their torture, it was only something akin to seeing a slug suffering after you pour salt on it.

From the perspective of their culture, religion, and tribe, forest elf are akin to vermin.

That’s why they never subjected the forest elves to torture that involved rape―― Though a pervert with that kind of preference might exist in their tribe, they never brought that out to light―― And yet, he never expected that the prince of all people stated that he wanted to have a se*x with the saint of high elf.

Should I cover her naked body with a piece of cloth next time Nay, rejected.

(I mean, seriously! A 5 years old brat can actually grow that much!!)

Even if he knew that the demon race tends to mature earlier, there should be a limit to their absurdities.

This event was something akin to him showing his favorite tiger pet to the prince and the prince wanting to copulate with the said tiger after seeing her beautiful fur.

It was something that should never happen in reality.

Moreover, of all princes, it had to be the prince who descended from the Reiju clan, the only clan who was responsible for treating injuries in the entire demon kingdom with their transpose curse.

Who knows what kind of adverse effects are gonna happen to the dark elves if he ends up pissing off the prince with his rejection to the prince’s request.

But, the most terrifying thing was actually――

(If, in millionth chance saint Liliana wounded the prince…!)

Imagining the punishment that was going to fall upon him alone was enough to make him raise an anguished voice.

For Shidar who overcome numerous hellish situation with his excellent foresight, the current situation was akin to death penalty just because he dropped his spoon.

And naturally, the demon race would be the first one to blame him.

If the demon prince ended up with a fatal wound, or death in the worst case, he would be the first in the line to face the wrath of the prince’s mother.

Just what in the hell would happen after he made such a blunder ――Reduction of the budget for the night elf―― Reduction of treatment with transpose curse―― And Shidar who caused such 『Blunder』 would definitely be beheaded after being dismissed from his post.

(Just how in the he—!)

Unable to contain his anger anymore, Shidar glared at his niece as if to say “It’s because you brought that brat over.”.

Vigne To Vasanisti―― Was a maid who served under the archduke Platyfia.

But then, Shidar discovered that his niece was closing her eyes, seemingly focusing her entire nerves into her ears as she prayed desperately, or simply because she didn’t wish to see her uncle’s angry glare.

Supposing the former, it was so that she could barge into the 『Noble Room』 as soon as she heard something unusual.

She wasn’t a mere maid, she was in fact the most elite force of the night elves who were proficient in close combat and magic.

But, even Vigne had no idea just how many seconds the prince could survive from the saint’s attack.

And even if his life was spared…

Vigne had to take the responsibilities for the action of bringing the prince to this place.

Because the one who brought up the story about the demon prince Jilbagias wanted to see the saint was none other than Vigne herself.

(Naturally, I’m also the one who gave the permission for him to come but…!)

Shidar was also aware of his own blunder, but he still couldn’t help but wanting to vent his outburst of anger to someone else.

According to Vigne, Jilbagias seems to like the tanned skin of the high elf.

He was none other than the prince who descended from the Reiju clan on top of that.

The reason for Shidar to allow the visit of the prince was to present more goods made from high elf’s tanned skin and make a connection for future prospects.

The Night elf tribe made a huge contribution to the demon kingdom.

Their war activity aside, they did so many things such as daily odd jobs as normal employees, administration, even handling secret information which the demon race was weak at.

And yet, the night elf was nothing more than 1st class citizens for the demon kingdom, their rank was obviously much lower than the demon race.

The one with the privilege to enjoy secret art such as Reiju clan’s medical treatment or devil’s magic was in the minority, and that was restricted on top of that.

Especially the limited quota of receiving medical treatment from the Reiju clan.

Many of their brave warriors died in sorry states due to the imposed quota.

The trip today was supposed to be used as a chance to increase the quota even by one by building their relationship with Reiju-clan via Jilbagias and yet――


“Please come out already…” Was what Shidar said as he cursed at the gods of light, while at the same time prayed desperately to the gods of darkness.

Shidar himself was an elite warrior, and yet despite focusing all his nerves to his ears since a while ago, he failed to detect any sound from behind the door.

But since the prince didn’t seem to be injured either, he couldn’t help but wonder what the prince did inside…

――And then…

A conspicuous sound of rattling chains resounded.

Shidar quickly inserted his arms into his jacket, Vigne’s eyes opened wide and quickly readied her stance.

Both of them exchanged glances… Should we open the door immediately

“What do you think” asked Shidar in a really small voice, which was replied back by Vigne by touching her lips.

“No―― I can hear Prince’s voice, albeit faintly.” “Did he speak with the saint” “What are they talking about” “I only hear 『Dog』”


Vigne’s body twitched.

Even Shidar felt as if the entire hair on his body stood at its end.

This is―― Excitation magic!


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